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  1. Man thus far (about 1/4 into it), this album is their best work yet.
  2. Hi I am looking for motionless in white discography, including the albums: Graveyard shift 2017 Reincarnate 2015 Infamous 2012 Creatures 2010 When love met destruction 2009 The Whorror 2007 I hereby request that all albums be in iTunes format and/or 320. Thank you!
  3. This album is great! so diverse and yet harmonious at the same time.
  4. Nostalgia indeed. These guys are from my hometown and I vividly remember going to their local shows. Good times.
  5. hey guys, can you please locate a few For the Fallen Dreams albums for me: Changes 2008 Relentless 2009 Back burner 2011 Wasted Youth 2012 Thank you!
  6. Can you please find Thomas Rhett's new album Life Changes. It came out last Friday but it seemed to not show up on the site.
  7. Hi can you please find me Dustin Lynch's "Where It's At" album thank you
  8. Once I posted this I realized that haha! some new TPIY would be solid!
  9. So they are dropping a new album?! wasn't HISD released last year?
  10. Can someone assist and fill my requests, please! Brown10
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