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  1. @Cosmic Reaper no worries mate! new VoM is legit nonetheless :]
  2. @Cosmic Reaper album announcement as well?
  3. Man thus far (about 1/4 into it), this album is their best work yet.
  4. This album is great! so diverse and yet harmonious at the same time.
  5. Nostalgia indeed. These guys are from my hometown and I vividly remember going to their local shows. Good times.
  6. Once I posted this I realized that haha! some new TPIY would be solid!
  7. So they are dropping a new album?! wasn't HISD released last year?
  8. Really enjoyed this. Every song had its own unique elements, no song sounded similar. Highly recommend checking this out.
  9. They have evolved so much from their debut, this is a phenomenal album.
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