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  1. This is sooo good and acceptable for metal genre.realy high class.
  2. If some one realy care about album art so serious.go to davinchi museum.
  3. What are you want real metalheads?this is it.
  4. This album is goid i think.but this is like remix album.
  5. Dound of letting you go is best song in this car speakers tears by this song..they use every element i love in their song.thanks kingdom🙏 Sound
  6. This album is so modern and much like isee stars last album.
  7. Im not expecting this.sooooo good.sooo good.first album of sws that i realy enjoy.
  8. Looking for limp bizkit new album.
  9. Is elton john singing in the middle of song?nice work i think
  10. Oudenophobia is my song of this year.what a talent.
  11. into the dark is best song i hear in a awhile...
  12. Because of your mistake i download aegaeon age album and i enjoy a lot.thanks.
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