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  1. Realy?this genre is trash?
  2. One thing in this album make me melodic sounds hide by vocal sound a bit.overall good album.
  3. I miss testament type death metal.
  4. Native blood redux make me feel i want to do suicide...what a greatness..holy..
  5. Nothing in this world make me happy except this album and novelist new album.tnx.
  6. One year without special music result is this shit.
  7. I wonder so lot see this post here.because right now im playing this game.
  8. They last album is killer.this song is good and grow on me.
  9. This is sooo good and acceptable for metal genre.realy high class.
  10. If some one realy care about album art so serious.go to davinchi museum.
  11. What are you want real metalheads?this is it.
  12. This album is goid i think.but this is like remix album.
  13. Dound of letting you go is best song in this car speakers tears by this song..they use every element i love in their song.thanks kingdom? Sound
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