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  1. Because of your mistake i download aegaeon age album and i enjoy a lot.thanks.
  2. Make me famous was copy of aa but realy better than any thing denis put out with any other bands.his voice is not good at all but he is talenty.
  3. First bring me the horizon album that i love..talenty.
  4. This is real metal band.they have all sadness that i looking for.
  5. All the releases this year are forgetable...sylar is fun to listen.
  6. I realy enjoy the whole album.thanks.look outside dream is nice.
  7. Realy fun and good record .drum works nice..its like linkin park hollywood undead and i see stars and limp bizkit mix...
  8. This song gonna to be in limp bizkit next album...but i dont understand role of danni filth in this song.he better go on blackmetal with no doubt.
  9. Realy nice work.after a while i listen a good tunes..
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