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  1. It burns, my ass burns, because after good singles to hear a collection of interludes that are boring and boring, it is not believed that such a group caused disappointment, it is clearly not that
  2. I listened to the previous album on repeat, after this single I think I will not be disappointed
  3. TOP 10 ALBUMS: 10. Pouya - The South Got Something to Say 9. Bring Me the Horizon - amo 8. Fever 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS 7. I Prevail - Trauma 6. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - End of Suffering 5. The Devil Wears Prada - The Act 4. Imminence - Turn the Light On 3. Korn - The Nothing 2. While She Sleeps - So What? 1. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind TOP 10 EP: 1. Cane Hill - Kill The Sun 2. liily - I Can Fool Anybody in This Town 3. Teenage Wrist - Counting Flies 4. Jinjer - Micro 5. nothing,nowhere. - bloodlust 6. Wake Up Hate - Deep Sleep 7. Ghostemane - Human Err0r 8. Dealer - Soul Burn 9. Volumes - Coming Clean 10. Poppy - Choke
  4. @humbleledger I think so, but it sounds very easy, I'll try to listen a few more times, and then the first impression is full of disappointment
  5. @Summers Alternative Rock not a genre Every time I learn something new about old things
  6. It is not metalcore or post-hardcore It is alternative I'm disappointed, maybe it's progress, but not at such a price
  7. @MyTearsYW The past is not the past let it consider the other side of the coin There are so many pop music in the world, more than heavy music This is the situation, your roots are like your friends, the family, the ties that gave you a good start for the career, and it's possible to logically stumble it, but on the other hand it's naught for fans of heavy music, let it not be the first or second, even the third, fourth album, and a qualitative mix with some new innovations that will please everybody, not the new audience and those who love pop music. So now they will say a very insidious phrase "do not like it - do not listen" but the thing is that I want to like it, but it sounds like the music I do not like, it's interesting to see the general picture, but it's probably the end for me
  8. all that was before was better if I wanted to listen to pop I would have turned on "Coldplay"
  9. My Top-30 30. Slaves - Beautiful Death 29. Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Dictator 28. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 27. Dropout Kings - AudioDope 26. Palisades - Erase The Pain 25. Sylar - Seasons 24. nothing nowhere. - ruiner 23. Super Whatevr - Never Nothing 22. Her - Her 21. The Neighbourhood - Hard to imagine the neighbourhood ever changing 20. Of Mice and Men - Defy 19. Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2 18. Pouya - Five Five 17. Twenty One Pilots - Trench 16. Breaking Benjamin - Ember 15. DON BROCO - Technology 14. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone 13. Three Days Grace - Outsider 12. Marmozets - Knowing What You Know Now 11. Teenage Wrist - Chrome Neon Jesus 10. Caliban - The Elements 9. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 8. Crossfaith - EX_MACHINA 7. The Word Alive - Violent Noise 6. Beartooth - Disease 5. Architects - Holy Hell 4. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic 3. Turnstile - Time & Space 2. Underoath - Erase Me 1. Bullet for My Valentine - Gravity
  10. Yesterday, this profile was 5 years old Artists: Albums: Songs:
  11. @tsh1785 This is a version with all bonus tracks where can I download, please advise
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