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  1. Was half expecting 0 new tracks for the creatures x but this was a dope surprise.
  2. Pretty good track, going straight into my go to playlist.
  3. Shit bangs. He just dropped agoraphobic shits pretty dope too.
  4. Been waiting on this one! Much love for posting!!
  5. Instant download regret 😅🤦‍♂️
  6. Oooh I wasn't expecting this. Much love Lord!!!
  7. when I saw the double feature announced I was skeptical but still hyped I mean thats a loaded list of talent on one track, but this just didnt cut it for me. I was expecting a lot more from the features, especially from spencer. Great concept idea that fell flat, least to me :/
  8. Very mediocre to me. Lyrics were severely lacking and the instrumentals werent anything too special. Poorstacy does good features tho 😅
  9. Good track, definitely a keeper for me. thanks for the post
  10. I cant say I'll ever bump it again but it was definitely a funny ass track
  11. Not a bad lil release. Nothing groundbreaking but couple made it into my main playlist. Wait is pretty lit
  12. Webby been steady dropping good tracks. Thx for posting g!
  13. Fuck yea!!! Was waiting on this one!!!!
  14. I love it all the new songs are fucking gold! I will say this, drama queens intro just isnt the same anymore idk if thats a good thing for me. And monsieur moustache was lacking a couple highs (dunno if nico can hit young sushi highs hell sushi prolly cant anymore) They made prism a much more beautiful track
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