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  1. Solid album, glad they havent lost it yet
  2. Loved the corey feature. Interesting track, lil repetitive but solid.
  3. Holy fucking throwback forgot bout these guys. This was my shit in highschool lmao.
  4. Couple dope tracks on this but one of his weaker releases.
  5. One of the greatest albums to never come out. Awesome throw back! Thank u for posting this, been missing it from my collection for a few years now
  6. Chuggaboom, covering whatever the fuck they want when they want. Lyrics r horrid but they did this track some good nd made it listenable.
  7. Thank you!! Its actually a pretty solid album. Best theyve put out in awhile
  8. Its not terrible but everything starts to blend together sound wise from this and that drives me nuts lmao
  9. Song isnt bad seems a little half assed but leaves some hope for somethin sick
  10. Solid track and a nice surprise kinda forgot bout buckcherry
  11. Its a decent intro style song to introduce us to them. Im legitly interested in seeing how the album turns out.
  12. I can only think of my top 3. But #1 ice nine kills the silver scream #2 denzel curry taboo #3 $uicideboy$ i want to die in new orleans.
  13. Yes!!!! Been hyped af ill gladly take this early
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