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  1. Someones pissed off lol. Decent track tho
  2. Its decent but mike has yet to shine like he did when he was in the paramedic imo.
  3. Bro im baffled to see ev0lutions name on anything. Thought dude changed to Lil Godd
  4. Pretty solid track, make them suffer usually doesnt dissapoint
  5. Much fucking love!!!!! Bout to go wake up the neighborhood bumping this!
  6. Great track, thanks for posting bro!
  7. Great track geniunely enjoyed this one more than all out life. Hoping the album comes out dope :O
  8. Its definitely unique too say the very least. Not sure how i feel bout this one. Gonna have to give it a few more listens thru.
  9. Its a good track, nice lil song to tide us over. Sad they really only had vocals for sushi basically :O
  10. Yoooo this shits pretty dope. Always down to hear a piffen verse, used to love his features in Scare Dont Fear and vice versa. Good lookin out on this one man!!!
  11. Solid album, glad they havent lost it yet
  12. Loved the corey feature. Interesting track, lil repetitive but solid.
  13. Holy fucking throwback forgot bout these guys. This was my shit in highschool lmao.
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