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  1. Love it!!! INK can do no wrong by me i swear.
  2. I miss the old vocalist :O this was kind of a let down
  3. Love the track from the video! Rest of the album is okay, its solid but needs some work!
  4. Great track, their original shit always wins me over.
  5. Cover art drew me in, the vid sent my cusor running from the dl button. Im seeing ppl saying theres bangers on this, wtf do i check out from this? Trying not to feel daddy af today 😅
  6. Simple simple track but i enjoyed it, lookin forward to the album
  7. Much love for posting this. Great cd, love hearing tom do his thing. Dudes ridiculous.
  8. Definitely prefer this over the original. Unless its live, for some reason the song just hits better live. Wish they wouldve chose a diff track to do acoustic but its nice to see this song get a bit of life again
  9. Bruh imma be real with ya i dont even remember posting this 😂 i was fucked up at work today but u sir are clearly right 🤦‍♂️least i never claimed to be smart 😂😂
  10. The video for kiss the go-goat was interesting. Papa had me laughing. Only thing that bugged me was the cardinal's hair. The song was dope tho, very catchy
  11. To each their own, some of us just got a bit more class i see 🤷‍♂️
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