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  1. Its not a bad track but man idk even softer manson is a bit of a stretch for me personally
  2. Definitely a fun version of the og. Loved korns take on it, yellawolf was a weird surprise to say the least.
  3. I think Hypa Hypa still got this one beat for me but they dropped another 🔥 track regardless! The ep is gonna be epic, cant wait to hear nicos takes on the re-recordings!
  4. Love the track. Aint quite as good as Ak-47 but both are fucking awesome. Cant wait to see what else these guys put out!
  5. Really happy with this album. They did wayne justice. Vol 2 should be just as awesome!
  6. Not a bad cover. Never expected to see Medic Droid get a cover in 2020 😅🤣
  7. Dont get me wrong he isnt bad and the albums in my mix. Id like to see them live with the new vocalist, and that could be a major contributing factor to why he hasnt hit as deep with me. But i miss the rawness of emotion that waylon and jeff had on saviour sorrow. Or how insane the combo of jmann and nothing were at the start. Time changes shit alot of members have changed i know that but its more of a personal thing. If i try to look at it as not MRH its a good album but still not amazing for my tastes atleast.
  8. Its okay, nothing to write home about. These guys need someone like Nothing or Waylon to join up to get their fire back
  9. Im not gonna lie i was worried af when they said Sushi was leaving but Nico fucking slays. Catchy ass track, theyve got the good EC vibe back. Video for this should be dope af too! Much love for posting this
  10. Pretty dope EP!! Glad i dled this.
  11. Pretty dope track! Always forget about these guys 😅 thx for posting!!
  12. God i love these guys. Always a good laugh.
  13. I love scar and all but this release is mediocre as all get out. I have yet to find the stand out track and honestly it doesnt bring out that drive to wanna finish the whole album.
  14. Craigs still a genius as long as craigs apart of it DRUGS will return in epic fashion. This demo is already proof.
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