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  1. Thank you!! Its actually a pretty solid album. Best theyve put out in awhile
  2. Song isnt bad seems a little half assed but leaves some hope for somethin sick
  3. Solid track and a nice surprise kinda forgot bout buckcherry
  4. Yes!!!! Been hyped af ill gladly take this early
  5. Love me some ghostemane. Much love for the post!
  6. Well theres 3 mins of my life down the shitter. As a dbz fan im actually slightly offended this is called goku.
  7. Much love for this one. I cant even try to describe how hyped ive been for this album
  8. This song is fucking amazing. Love the ballad-y feel. This album is shaping up amazingly.
  9. Chuggaboom always coming out with the classic ass tracks 😂
  10. This is a great album, after FVs demise he was releasing way too much feelings/emo bs. This is the best thing hes put out since fv.
  11. Holy fuck INK is on a warpath with these singles. The new album is about to be immensely epic.
  12. This track is fire af!!!! DOK went in. Landon was just icing on the cake
  13. This is a great album!!! Alot to live up to after the last album but they did quite well. Every song is good. I fell in love with king of the clouds lol
  14. Passtheleaks for yall. But i use zippy for everything else.
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