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Everything posted by saywhatisreal

  1. The sequencing of this album seems a bit off... are we 100% sure the track list is in the correct order? Seems weird to put Death Of Me, Hallucinations and Old Wounds together, since they came off the EP. You figure you'd spread them out a bit through out the album. Also having Loveless and January Rain back to back seemed off too (both great songs btw). Lastly, the sound quality doesn't feel like a true 320kbs. I question how this was sourced. There seems to be a noticeable sound difference between Death Of Me/Hallucinations and rest of the album.
  2. Here's my list: 1) Bring Me The Horizon - amo 2) Thousand Below - Gone In Your Wake 3) Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 4) Waterparks - FANDOM 5 The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature 6) Cam'ron - Purple Haze 2 7) Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love 8) Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky 9) Get Scared - The Dead Days 10) Emarosa - Peach Club
  3. I really liked Nexus. Not really feeling this one though. "Runaway" is my favorite song. "Pressure" and "Life Is What You Make It" are alright too.
  4. Is it just me, or does the last song on the album end abruptly? Is there supposed to be come type of continuation?
  5. I'm digging the new album. 171 Xo is my fave song. Has a nice bounce to it.
  6. I've always been a casual fan of this band. But damn, I was super impressed with this album!! I've been listening to it all day. Production quality is top notch. Really good job. I'm going to re-visit their previous albums now.
  7. Here's my Top 10 Albums of 2018: 1) Slaves - Beautiful Death 2) Underoath - Erase Me 3) SECRETS - Self Titled 4) Cherry Pools - Less Religion, More Sex 5) The Amity Affliction - Misery 6) As It Is - The Great Depression 7) nothing.nowhere - Ruiner 8) Against The Current - Past Lives 9) The Story So Far - Proper Dose 10) The Plot In You - Dispose
  8. Compared to their Self Titled album (which was my favorite album of 2017), this one sounds a little too basic and straightforward for them. What I liked so much about Self Titled is how they made use of synths. Those little electronic sampling details. Erase The Pain is more guitar driven. I still love the band, and will always support them. But I was underwhelmed by this one, especially by the mix. Sounds kind of muddy. Usually Howard Benson has a slicker production than this. (And yes, I listened to the 320 version). Anyway, I really like "Patient". That song stuck out to me immediately. "Push" is also really good. "Ways To Disappear" and "Fade" are decent.
  9. Does anyone have the 2 Target bonus tracks from this album?
  10. Pretty good album, I just wish there were a bit more vocals from Aaron. Best songs: In Motion, Wake Me, Bloodlust, Hold Your Breathe, Ihateit Least favorites: No Frame, Rapture
  11. Palisades is still album of the year in my books. DAMN was #1 on every major website/publication list. I thought KL was better than this.
  12. My Top 10 Albums Of 2017: 1) Palisades - Self Titled 2) Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter 3) Picturesque - Back To Beautiful 4) PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell 5) nothing.nowehere - Reaper 6) The Maine - Lovely LIttle Lonely 7) Silverstein - Dead Reflection 8) Joey Bada$$ - All Amerikkan Bada$$ 9) Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine 10) A Lot Like Birds - DIVISI HONORABLE MENTIONS: Rise Against - Wolves Lights - Skin & Earth Paramore - After Laughter Big K.R.I.T. - 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time
  13. So did anyone end up finding a download link for the DVD?
  14. Anyone have a link to download the DVD concert that comes with this?
  15. Well written review. Although I don't agree with it 100%, I respect that you took the time to explain why you like the album. I agree that's it very cohesive, but it almost becomes too cohesive in the second half of the album that it gets a little sleepy. Specifically, it's after "No Attention For Solved Puzzles" that the album begins to lose me. I'm still listening to it in hopes it will grow on me more. But I've probably listened to it 10 times already, and I just can't get into any of the songs after "No Attention For....". I'm glad you enjoy the album though. I agree that "Infinite Chances" is one of the best songs Cheers.
  16. I loved the first 3 singles, so I had high hopes for this album. But after a few listens, I'm a little disappointed. I feel like it needs a few more upbeat songs like "The Sound Of Us" and "Infinite Chances" to help balance out the more slower songs. It reminds me of On Letting Go by Circa Survive.... everything kind of blends together, it doesn't make many specific songs memorable. The album starts off strong, but I feel like after "No Attention For Solved Puzzles", that's where it all starts sounding the same and drifts away. I'm still going to spend more time with the album though. There still might be some potential for another song or two to grow on me.
  17. Palisades completely blew my expectations out of the water. Such a good album from start to finish.
  18. My Top 10: 1) I See Stars - Treehouse 2) Against The Current - In Our Bones 3) Too Close To Touch - Haven't Been Myself 4) The Color Morale - Desolate Divine 5) Crown The Empire - Retrograde 6) Hands Like Houses - Dissonants 7) Pierce The Veil - Misadventures 8) Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership 9) Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 10) Dayshell - Nexus
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