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  1. Hey, you did a ton of request fills over the last month and they are all done on gofile. However, when I try and access it, they all look to be deleted. Should I reup the request? Or is there a better way to ping the ones needing re-up?


    Thanks for everything !

  2. Always liked these guys. No negative vibes. this jams.
  3. These lists are great... i actually did the same on FB and am currently posting 1 of my favorite albums, per day and explaining why it was meaningful etc. I’m getting a lot of feeb back and will prob do it for 10-15 days.... I’ll prob circle back here and post all mine when done
  4. Ah man I like this a lot. 1. Booka is a bad ass. I like how they split the song between vocals 2. a fucking sing-along?!? Where the fuck do I sign up? im a sucker for a sing-along
  5. @RockinXander I’ve been here since the beginning and I swear I never knew that lol thanks ?
  6. hey is it possible to re-up this DL link? Been needing to readd this to the hard drive. thanks, if not, ill do a request post around the holidays.... when the time is right if ya know what I mean haha
  7. Geez just let this kid be dead already. Fuck
  8. @TylerDurden man that makes me really excited. I have the boy w/ devil on his shoulder tattooed on me from Gospel. super fucking stoked you made my day
  9. Wait... are all members still involved? Holy shit I have goosebumps all over me. Their “hiatus” was a complete bummer to me. Big big fan.
  10. forget climate change.... its this shit that is going to bring about the end of the world.
  11. This is really great and everyone should give it a listen
  12. So... I can’t listen til after work. Is it more like blink or more like alkaline?
  13. @Lord Rorschach best of luck in the future!
  14. I really have enjoyed this album the last few days, it’s a bit of a refreshing change... my one note.... does anyone else get some heavy heavy Powerman 5000 vibes on Eclipse?!?
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