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  1. excited to listen to this when i get off work... I remember seeing these dudes early 2006-ish in Austin, TX with a band called Catherine that was one of those "big" bands off RISE Records around the time TDWP and Drop Dead Gorgeous were first out... been a fan ever since.
  2. @b1naryy hah! you're telling me... ive been jamming this band since 2007 and reading these comments got me really sad at how fast time has flown by and how im getting old.
  3. @Dan i agree, i do enjoy these guys.. but lets be real, these boys had practice as "Before Today" in the early 00's.
  4. @ggl3dde yea I know, I remember that . Eh I guess I’ll take what I can get
  5. Okay.. so here is my question... are they back together and working on new music... or are they just looking for a cash grab?? Blue-ballin us like As Cities Burn did for 8 years lol
  6. man, i was young dumb and listened to this... it fucked
  7. @neebnoob18 that’s the thing about this site... it’s all fans and I’ve learned a lot of great music through it
  8. @Smash_Adams agreed, not sure why I didn’t think of that in my list... I went converge and the chariot instead lol
  9. @Smash_Adams FATA and The Bled will be on everyone’s list during this time... or should lol
  10. @neebnoob18 I think you are in a good time for core music- a large number of the 2002-2008 bands have reemerged and putting out new albums in 2018-2019. During this time Solid State Records, Ferret Music and other smaller labels like Equal Vision, with mixtures of bands were active... Rise had just come out that time- and built this huge archive continuing til now. For me *disclaimer*- key albums i listened too in early 00's were these (I put asterisks by the ones that are still around and what i think were fundamental to the 00s scene): Hopesfall - 2002 Satelite Years & 2004 A Types - these albums were fantastic The Bled- 2003 Pass the Flask i still listen to regularly- 05 The flood is good stuff too From Autumn to Ashes- 2003 Fiction we live Poison the Well - 2002 Tear From the Red was my shit- definitely heavier As Cities Burn- 2005- Son, I loved* id say anthem to my senior year of HS Converge- heavy - not really metal core but should be mentioned- 2001-2004 w/ albums Fear Before the March of Flames * Band from my home so i grew up listening The Jonbenet* band from a city a few hours away that always played w FBTMoF MIsery Signals* - 2004 Malice - really opened me to hardcore riffs The Chariot- Josh Scoggin is a god Every Time I Die* - still around and have only gotten heavier, but 2003 HOT DAMN was my shit. Norma Jean (O'God & Bless the Martyr)** still putting out solid jams August Burns Red*- still around, but in HS; 2005 Thrill Seeker Boys Night Out *- dont necessarily sound metal core, but think its worth a mention The Acacia Strain- metal AF lol later in the 00's but solid 2006 release Before Their Eyes- this aligns with AA - same label and sounds Burden of a Day- same label and 2008 Blessed had some solid songs Catherine- 2006 Rumour Has it had solid tracks- 2007 The naturals was good mention The Devil Wears Prada- Same label as AA but heavier From First to last*- 2004 ive been listening to Teen Angst lately and man it brings back memories I could go on and on about this though- the 2001-2009 metalcore/screamo scene etc etc really stuck with me and i think its great that alot of the bands are coming back around. Might get some hate on this list... but lets be real, all of these bands were on the same table as AA during that time.
  11. Been listening to this on the ride too and from work and I really like this album i didnt really give their last a chance but maybe i shouldn’t have underestimated these guys
  12. @Kumarisai well i stand corrected... my apologies. I wrote down the release date and i guess had it memorized.
  13. @InsidAero @Kumarisai it was announced months ago and has been on the release board to the left for a while. It’s a solid release, can’t wait to get home and put it on my iPhone
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