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  1. So... any news on a new album? Man 2020 would be so over if a new TWY came swinging
  2. what are they doing? I still long for the pallet days....
  3. Hey, you did a ton of request fills over the last month and they are all done on gofile. However, when I try and access it, they all look to be deleted. Should I reup the request? Or is there a better way to ping the ones needing re-up?


    Thanks for everything !

  4. Always liked these guys. No negative vibes. this jams.
  5. These lists are great... i actually did the same on FB and am currently posting 1 of my favorite albums, per day and explaining why it was meaningful etc. I’m getting a lot of feeb back and will prob do it for 10-15 days.... I’ll prob circle back here and post all mine when done
  6. Ah man I like this a lot. 1. Booka is a bad ass. I like how they split the song between vocals 2. a fucking sing-along?!? Where the fuck do I sign up? im a sucker for a sing-along
  7. Looking for a few missing albums- hoping KL can assist. Fiddlehead - Springtime and Blind Origami Angel - Somewhere City Empty Houses - Daydream Young Culture - (This is) Heaven Young Culture - Blue Pine - Pillow talk Pine - You Bury Me Rich People - Grace Session Rich People - Jacobs Ladder Glitterer - Looking Through Shade Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do and hope you have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - Chandler
  8. @RockinXander I’ve been here since the beginning and I swear I never knew that lol thanks ?
  9. hey is it possible to re-up this DL link? Been needing to readd this to the hard drive. thanks, if not, ill do a request post around the holidays.... when the time is right if ya know what I mean haha
  10. Geez just let this kid be dead already. Fuck
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