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  1. This is really great and everyone should give it a listen
  2. So... I can’t listen til after work. Is it more like blink or more like alkaline?
  3. @Lord Rorschach best of luck in the future!
  4. I really have enjoyed this album the last few days, it’s a bit of a refreshing change... my one note.... does anyone else get some heavy heavy Powerman 5000 vibes on Eclipse?!?
  5. i really enjoy this new Orgy album
  6. excited to listen to this when i get off work... I remember seeing these dudes early 2006-ish in Austin, TX with a band called Catherine that was one of those "big" bands off RISE Records around the time TDWP and Drop Dead Gorgeous were first out... been a fan ever since.
  7. @b1naryy hah! you're telling me... ive been jamming this band since 2007 and reading these comments got me really sad at how fast time has flown by and how im getting old.
  8. @Dan i agree, i do enjoy these guys.. but lets be real, these boys had practice as "Before Today" in the early 00's.
  9. @ggl3dde yea I know, I remember that . Eh I guess I’ll take what I can get
  10. Okay.. so here is my question... are they back together and working on new music... or are they just looking for a cash grab?? Blue-ballin us like As Cities Burn did for 8 years lol
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