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  1. amazing track but still no album announcement
  2. Damn the cleans on Stabbing in the Dark sound like Breaking Benjamin the first seconds. Clearly doesnt sound like Spencer
  3. So which one is your favorite ? Every Trick In The Book or The Silver Scream ? Is TSS heavier than ETITB?
  4. Just a different mix or did they rerecord it ? Any idea?
  5. Source ? So is it confirmed ? I was hoping for Henrik Udd and Nordström, they did their last 2 records
  6. Wow anybody knows if a new album is coming soon?
  7. this is so good ! Kirby is hands down one of the best vocalists. His cleans are so good now and his screams are amazing. Stoked for the new album
  8. well I asked him if it's him (Kirby) in the chorus and if the bassist will do any cleans on the new record. This is the answer: " I did. I do all the choruses, and tuck also has some parts "
  9. So I asked Ryan Kirby on FB and he confirmed that he sings in the chorus and did all the choruses on the new record.
  10. Well let‘s see how good this record is thanks
  11. Just listened to it. Great Single. But to be honest, to me it sounds more like Ryan Kirbys cleans which is a good thing. We will see it when the music video drops
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