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  1. Add Insects as the last track and you have HIID (High-Intensity Interval Deathcore).
  2. Frankie initially sounds a bit like Vincent Bennett on this track. Reminded me of the Emmure and TAS beef way back.
  3. Tried this out on a whim. I am not disappointed.
  4. I am enjoying the shit out of this album! On repeat. 🖤
  5. Immediately heard that Bobby Boucher voice on track 2 title.
  6. I actually like On God for what it is as a single but the entire EP is lackluster.
  7. @jcary88 it's not even about having an opinion. It's about taking an opinion too seriously.
  8. @jcary88 it isn't even about you, man. Chill.
  9. Future's bright for Matt and Slaves.
  10. Speaking of pigs ears... https://youtu.be/zZ9SZn7QzIM
  11. I see 11 tracks, but this LP feels like an EP. Probably just me though.
  12. Love the diversity on this one. That breakdown in the Thread was pretty crunchy -- delish.
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