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  1. If you try olives everyday for a month, you may start to like them, even if they're crap. This poppy metal is like olives. I am indeed weird.
  2. Blegh. Kidding. BTW, I don't think Architects can be compared to anything.
  3. Holy shit! I'm currently banging this album on high end headphones and I swear I never heard more sophisticated music EVER. Everytime I move back in a song I hear more intruments. It's just crazy.
  4. Not to post hate but I never liked this band. It's not like I didn't try to. I always give new songs a listen but just can't get used to their stuff. I even tried putting butter on it like I do on my pop tarts. I feel negative tonight.
  5. Wow! I've always been more into progressive metalcore/djent and such and that will not change but for some reason I never really listened to a ful Amon Amarth song before. Downloaded this album and I really enjoy it REAL BAD. I'm going to order the CD. It really is a masterpiece. I use it as my garage party music. Thanks a lot! Yaaarrrr.
  6. You know this band is just perfect when you see people expecting every song to be the best song ever. Can't wait to give these guys my money!
  7. 'Pologize, but I have to tell everyone how stupid I am to have not seen this. I was not even aware of a new album! Thanks a lot!
  8. That singer is good at his style but he just doesn't match with the band, like not at all. The music gets boring after a while. I just couldn't tell which song is playing. They lost their complexity.
  9. This is seriously the best album of 2018 in my opinion. This album is heavier than the previous one. I even hear some old chelsea grin vibes at some points. This album is a headbang non stop! I bought the CD from Bandcamp and I can't wait to hold this masterpiece in my hand. These guys will get big. Give it a listen guys!!
  10. I'm still listening to this album daily (really) and I still get emotional when I think about the fact that they broke up. This band was THE band for me and I just can't find another band that are as good as these guys.
  11. Take all my monies! Well I don't have much. LOL. Seriously I've been bumming for this a few times and I'm glad I can help you guys back. Hard work is done here.
  12. This is a negative comment for bad music.
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