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  1. Not gonna lie, if you listen to it if you had no clue who the fuck these guys are it's not a bad track at all.
  2. Calling it now, this is arguably their best release.
  3. Forgot this was coming out! the teaser they dropped on instagram sound slick I know this is a bit of joke but it sounds like something BMTH would release nowadays if they leaned back into their Alt Rock / Post Hardcorey sound from TTS
  4. Waheyyyyy, if their last couple of singles are anything to go by this is shaping up to be one killer release
  5. A song doesn't have to be omg best song ever whenever I listen to it, like it's a strong 6 to a light 7 for this track
  6. It's nothing out there like nothing noones done before, I just enjoy it 🤷🏻‍♂️ music taste is subjective to a degree
  7. Stop caring for AA after that selftitled / MMXIXIXJXGSJAKXIVVIIII album But this sorta peaked my interest, not amazing but certainly fucking catchy
  8. Out came the wolves Pierce the veil Chiodos From first to last Darke Complex Rage against the machine System of a down Chunk! No captain chunk Now and on Earth
  9. it sounds like Parkway Drive and Hatebreed had a Kid that grew up on 2000s NuMetal and also had crush on Mitch Lucker
  10. ^ Don't worry lads. This is the same guy that said scary mask by poppy was trash 🤷🏻‍♂️ keep calm and carry on this album bangs (edited to make my point clearer @Why Nolin? Please no haterino)
  11. ok guess this is the end of my existence this shit fuckin makes me wanna crowdkill my toothbrush
  12. I said it in my YouTube comment but why the hell has Trenton started to reign his vocals in and only sing in this one boring note for the majority of their newer stuff? Like as someone who didn't mind a couple of songs off Anon purely based off the vocal performance this just hurt to listen to. This has the exact same problem that monster had, where it sounds like it was written for the advertisement market e.g Ford or Jeep. like I really can't see myself buying an album of this
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