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  1. Poppy is fuckin surprisingly becoming one of my fave artists as of late. Still don't think anything will top Scary Mask
  2. 👏👏👏👏 solid 7/10 on first listen
  3. This is how you progress as a band, definitely a massive improvement over TLYLTC. Solid 9.2/10 (Also that Marcus bridge feature is something else)
  4. Sounds like a bubblegum pop watered down version of Grandson... Really let down by this one, probably the only song by his that I actually don't like
  5. Only on Gored and I'm in awe. EDIT: New Faces In The Dark... I will be having nightmares about this song, this song is just crushing and ominous and pure and utter brutality
  6. Pretty solid track, cant wait till march to hear their EP
  7. Like I like the album on the Whole, but I fell like in a live settings SHI&T will go off the most, mostly because it sounds like TTS and that's what ultimately put them In the mainstream 🤷‍♂️
  8. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thats pretty good
  9. Genuinely going to be one of their best records, I genuinely love the newer sound
  10. You've really misunderstood what I've said entirely, like I enjoy laid back cheesy pop punk as it is, like they had songs that you can just play and listen to and know it's gonna be shit like talking about getting out your hometown n shit, like that's where as it is have always been good, this is literally an album designed to talk about big social issues such as mental health, the issues with the world, but does it with such a disingenuous tone and the lyrics behind reflect that, it just seems to cash in on the trend of emo revival acts eg. Palaye Royale, Creeper etc.
  11. I don't know why but the whole way that they're pushing this album to be like a "Hey we heard you have problems every 14 year old on Tumblr has" record it just makes it seem really disingenuous and bland. Would rather they had gone back to Never Happy era and made cheesy pop punk jams and not taken themselves too seriously
  12. Believe is the most bland fucking track and I'm sorry for anyone whos listened to it
  13. OHOH are the best in UK Metalcore hands down. Fuck anyone who says they're generic 😂
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