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  1. Witch Hunt is probably one of the best songs on the album
  2. I mean, Dealer were great and all but like this is pretty much picking up where Dealer left off and doing a worse job of it, like even the video they don't look half as energetic, the vocals are really lacking for me they don't hold the same punch nor does the instrumental. I give it 2 Arf Arfs out of 10
  3. This is a really solid, catchy, flows well, top notch production, good vocal performances, the drumming is so crisp and at the forefront, I'll definitely be spinning this more and more, getting some classic Metalcore vibes off of this one for certain
  4. Yeah no that's fine man! Like I knew somewhere in there discog that they had some French lyrics but couldn't quite name them off the top of my head! Thanks for the extra info dude
  5. fuck it, AOTY 2020 Every single track on here is fucking unreal, Matt's vocals > Jonny's vocals. Every single track is beautiful and masterfully composed, every track flows so well, genuinely so many standout tracks it's hard to pinpoint my exact favourites. I genuinely haven't been this impressed in a while, the hype was very much worth it damn man they're going to get mega after this album, they deserve this to be a breakout album. 10/10
  6. Man, this album is so hit or miss, Worldwide Suicide is great as a track, Hellbringer is eh, Moving On was so bland, Timebomb was neat as fuck such a good breakdown, Son of a Witch was amazing really rated it highly, Crossroads is more like Georgia Flood feat. Jake Taylor he's barely existent on the track, Husk is very somber and slow and introspective, it's okay but not all that. Nāgá gave me real Mick Gordon Vibes and is basically impending doom in a short 40 second interlude that leads directly into Force Of Life which starts off strong as fuck, the early chorus sorta threw me off, Breakdown was sorta a blueballs moment didn't nearly go as hard as it should've done for such a build up. Iron Dice sounds like a Ice Nine Kills song, pretty solid really enjoy those verses, super creepy, breakdown screams from Randy are a lil annoying but I'll let it slide as the fucking breakdown itself F U C K S Dystopia was good nothing really groundbreaking, very arena anthemesque, 2033 was probably the biggest miss for me sorta a wet fart to go out with, the chorus saves this song from being a throwaway, don't really care much for the back half of the song 🤷‍♂️ It's not awful but it's not all that great. 2.5/5
  7. This is going to be an AOTY contender for certain
  8. Here's my thoughts: Like That - damn this is a perfect way to start an album off, high energy, beautiful synth melodies, catchy boppy vibes, the vocal distortions throughout the track are amazing, Bonnie's vocals on this are arguably some of her best (4.5/5) Shh! - This is probably the heaviest Stand Atlantic have sounded, I get serious Experiment on me - Halsey vibes from this, the ambient background electronics are superb and the hard and fast guitars are just damn good, the yelled vocals are just headbang worthy (5/5) Blurry - Eh this is okay, it feels like they hit a wall here, after how high energy the first two tracks it feels weird for this to come in this early in the track listing, lowkey sounds like early 1975 / After Laughter Paramore a lil too much, not horrendous but not all that exciting (2.5/5) Jurassic Park - Getting proper BYAM - Famous vibes, the bass line running through this track is so killer, but it feels weird coming straight after Blurry, this is carrying the same level of energy as the first two tracks so it felt weird they slowed down after them, overall a proper catchy song and was one of my more preferred singles (4/5) Eviligo - At first the intro had me thinking oh shit here's another slow track in the middle of the tracklist, when that chorus kicks in the fucking track goes into 5th gear and absolutely kicks off, hell yeah subverting my expectations, I really love this track and the structure, feeling really nostalgic listening to this for some reason and I dunno quite why (4.5/5) Wavelength - Best single out of the 5 they released. Just everything about this is what I adore about Stand Atlantic, the riffs, the synths, the drums, the bass, everything is just perfect to me (5/5) Drink to Drown - Get in loser we're going crying, this song resonates with me really fucking hard and it's just really raw and vulnerable, if you love sad emo piano ballads this one's for you (4.5/5) DWYW - Really good, more of the same from this album, sounds like a more energetic Blurry and just stands out a lot more, I think alot of pop-punk bands are gonna follow this sorta vibe similar to how WSTR did with Identity Crisis (4/5) Silk & Satin - Okay this is a massive curve ball, sorta EDM / Electronica / Trap beatish, genuinely the most creative and out there track, the rain drop samples mixed in with the trap drums and the dreamy / etheral guitar licks in the back make this arguably the furthest departure from their comfort zone. This is great (4.5/5) Soap - This 100% could've been on Skinny Dipping and I wouldn't have put it past them, this song is amazing and I can't get enough of it, genuinely love this shit, the chorus is amazing as hell, Soap by Stand Atlantic > Soap by As it Is (4/5) Hate Me (Sometimes) - Second Best single next to wavelength, genuinely played the absolute shit out of it when it first dropped and still love it as much as I did when I first heard it (5/5) Total Score: 4/5 BEST TRACKS: Wavelength, Hate Me (Sometimes), Shh!, Silk & Satin WORST TRACKS: Blurry
  9. This is so fucking bloated for 0 reason, like I get they're experimental and all but seriously 10 songs out of 47 that are roughly long enough to be considered songs/full length tracks is unnecessary.
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