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  1. AOTY for 2020 (as of 4/7/20): Silverstein - A Beautiful Place to Drown EPOTY 2020 (as of 4/7/20): Dealer - Saint Rest of my list (from 2-10): 2.) Loathe - I let in and it took everything 3.) The Word Alive - Monomania 4.) Sleep Token - Sundowning Deluxe (yes I'm putting in my AOTY list again fight me) 5.) Lorna Shore - Immortal 6.) Ocean Grove - Flip phone fantasy 7.) Make The Summer - How to survive a funeral 8.) Run The Jewels - RTJ4 9.) G-Eazy - Everything's strange here 10.) Emmure - Hindsight
  2. IMHO Pop was way too one dimensional as an artist, he has the same flow through most songs, his voice is probably the one thing that annoys me the most about him as he sounds half asleep or comatose, he just sounds like most of these mainstream rappers that'll play your rolling louds and your wireless festivals etc. Not wanting to be THAT guy but It's quite obvious that the dude was an industry plant, dude appears out of nowhere and blows up instantly overnight with 0 prior releases, no hate on the kid but at the same time its all a bit eh for me. Not saying you shouldn't like him or enjoy his music it just isn't for me, I don't really fuck with his lyrical content or repetitive nature but that's just my opinion
  3. I mean Pop Smoke was and still is painfully average, not really too much to say about him, when you get a stimulus boost from Travis Scott of course you're gonna garner popularity, if Travis put Lil Xan on the JACKBOYS group he would've immediately lost all hate attached to him because "ermagherd Travis is the goat best musician alive FINNA NO CAP 💯 LITTY LIKE A TIDDY LEAK ASTROWORLD 2" 🤷‍♂️
  4. Red >>>>>> Scar. Dudes got the same DJ as him too so its pretty funny. Also his old band Healer Slapped hard
  5. Fantano would tear this album apart, I love scar but dudes slowly falling off in terms of quality, like alot of these are freestyles or just really rushed. Respect to the work rate but I'd take Quality > Quantity any day of the year
  6. Feel like he's gone be hella slept on here on KL but this shit bangs highkey
  7. As someone who was at the All Points East festival performance I can confirm that Oli fucking aced that song almost as if he had never stopped screaming
  8. This is the Pinnacle of Bring Me The Horizon, this song perfectly encapsulates Bring Me The Horizon in the space of 4 minutes and 51 seconds. When people ask me who Bring Me are and they ask to hear a song this is the perfect song to introduce people to them. 10/10 song
  9. This is MEGA Collab for Guardin, hope this gives him the big push into the Mainstream charts
  10. I can say they never interest me and still listen to it, I gave it a listen, it didn't interest me, so therefore they don't interest me as a band, good for you if you like them but I also notice that you downvoted my opinion on Neck Deeps latest single as well which just shows that you disagree with me alot, that's fine homie just be more civil about it
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