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  1. yeah this is an absolute banger of a release
  2. Is Rage Against The Machine and System of a Down too politically preachy? Is Enter Shikari too politically preachy? Is Architects too politically preachy? Punk and hardcore punk as well as metalcore etc has always been going against the powers that be since the birth of the genre. Cmon dude just when I was starting to like you
  3. 9/11 shouldve been more of an insid- oh wait wrong forum
  4. King shit, wonder what @BenjaminBurnleyof eagle owl management has to say about this?
  5. So that's why I could taste you on her lips the other night?
  6. Respect your opinion, but because you have one you must die 😌✨
  7. LoVe JaSoN aNd HiS mEsSaGe i SupPoRt BlM aNd i HaVe a BlAcK gF iM nOt RaCiSt i SwEaR. You just gonna forget you said this? Get outta here, bro.
  8. How the fuck is speaking out on injustices hopping on a trend? How the fuck is speaking from the perspective of someone who has an incredibly high chance of being racially profiled and attacked by police and writing lyrics about that one sided? I know we're not supposed to insult people on this site but you're actually fucking stupid if you think Fever are biased for attention...
  9. Nowhere near as bad as some people are making it out to be. Quite a fun little EP but I think this might be the end of Hands Like Houses' label contract and they might move onto a different label.
  10. Music is a creative outlet as well as a political one. You chose the I can't breathe line but not the other hundreds of lyrics in reference to the EPs Message... Stop overdosing on those blue pills they're not good for the liver.
  11. You do realise that the entirety of Fever 333s discog is all about BIPOCs struggles in modern day society and how fucked the system is and how hard it can be growing up in lower class, more impoverished areas that were created by white people to keep Black people and Other Races down? If you have a problem with any of the matters you stated then fever 333 are almost definitely a band for you to avoid...
  12. Man, these guys are fucking gorgeous songwriters. This shall fill that Casey & Alazka shaped void that's in my heart nicely
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