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  1. Oh no... this won’t do it after Feel Something.. that album was so pure, the tunes so dark and ethereal and gave strange vibes... this just won’t do it after that. Still optimistic cause they are talented af
  2. This is a chill tune... really hyped up now for their full length
  3. After 2 amazing records, this just does not do it. Just too basic. I love them, so will come back for the next album I suppose haha
  4. So good and groovy... All these amazing bands stepping up their game even more. I swear AOTY 2020 is going to have a nail biting Climax
  5. So smooth and strangely heavy... 10/10.. Sharptone Records signing them would be the best thing
  6. Damn... only the third female vocalist I am thrown by after Amy lee and avril lavigne... this goes hard. And yeah... THALL!!!
  7. First MTS album I love ❤️ Fucking hell The Attendant is so brilliant... it’s too much like Is It Really You(which btw is SOTY for me till now) but still it’s so goood... this album goes through so many variations I love it...
  8. Oh no... The first 2 singles were good, Ghost of you was insane. This is so meh...
  9. Damn son... I feel so happy and content people are liking this cause I want them to be massive, even more so than now. Crazy emotions throughout the album, TPIFS is dark and groovy, but this in comparison is no less. Such an amazing album. Fucking hell this years AOTY is going to be super tight with Currents, Loathe, Invent Animate, Bleed From Within, Burt Tomorrow, The Ghost Inside, Veil Of Maya, Volumes, Holding Absence, Silent Planet, Vildhjarta, BMTH. Thanks KL
  10. DAMN!!! i hate that i checked this out that late. Fucking hell 2020 is such a comeback for this genre. Bands are really upping their game. Not to say that for this cos Vildhjarta has always been kick ass. 8 years and fuck what a banger to return with. Beyond stoked. Also, they always know whats the best artwork, goes so well with the music
  11. I don’t usually listen to bands like A7X, KSE, Disturbed, their music just does not attract me. But damn, why am I loving this album??? Maybe cos of the massive entry point The End of All We Know, it’s massive cinematic chorus and the breakdowns spread throughout the album. MASSIVE ALBUM
  12. Got so excited seeing thinking a new single. But yeah good to know they’re still in business
  13. Looks like indiancore. Indians, where you at?
  14. Crazy good. Fucking hell I am vibing with those cleans. It’s 2/4 for me. Second asking and monsters really give some feels of TPIFS
  15. Their debut was insane. Really catchy and get scared esque. Definitely worth checking out. this ones no less than a banger.
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