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  1. Chill bro... I get your point but a simple reply would have sufficed..
  2. I don't find the point of releasing the album again with 1-2 new songs and calling it deluxe... but this... lol.. does not even qualify
  3. Holy crap people are not joking comparing this to cane hill ep... this is fucking solid.. impressive choruses and some dark tunes too here and there... definitely recommended
  4. This record makes me so happy listening to every tune, soft vocals and dreamy sounds... this is superb
  5. Naah!!! It's just so generic, nothing different... if you're doing something like this you really gotta do it good cos bands are getting creative now.. generic just won't work
  6. LOL You forgot to type NOTHING on the left hand side...
  7. I wish they made songs like starlight, plug in baby, our time is running out.... this does absolutely nothing for me
  8. Chill bro it's okay... it's better not to expect something in return if you do some good than to feel bad about sharing it.. let it be... and please stop cursing the staff more before they start suspecting you are hyperdose
  9. Yeah!!! Super disappointing but still this band kicks ass
  10. Yesssss... but picture day again?
  11. This is awesome... chorus is catchy and the verse too
  12. single

    I like it... also I liked all these artists(Taylor swift,miley etc) who made rock music earlier even if it was mainstream... their pop music is okayish but they made way better rock songs when they did.. I wish rock gets massive again... I don't hate on any genre but it's not fair when shitty pop music gets over 1 billion views on yt and some really good core music bands struggle to sell records to land just in the top 200
  13. Hey come on no need to apologise...the logic is simply to stop the conversation before the other persons words actually start to irritate or trouble you.. coz the way I see it nightangel was all jokes and you on the other hand raging... be the smart one.. and btw nightangel won ... WHY DID YOU SAY SORRY... lol
  14. Don't get me wrong I am liking the songs but this is like the 4th one that has a tune similar to bored to death
  15. Damn! I love paramore and wanted to know different opinions everyone is posting out here... good or bad... I don't know why every time a band or artist takes a new direction and some people don't like it the thread is just filled with shit... its so annoying to read only about a feud between people with different opinions and not about the music... like why does someone even have to be offended if someone else has given out a bad review.. go and personal message the person and rant rather than beating the purpose of threads