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  1. You made really sad and chill music back then. And with this you literally helped me time travel and feel like a teen again. LOVE FOREVER
  2. Holy fuck!!!! These guys need to be huge already. Fuck these songs have the perfect structure. Dark and melodic af too. Stoked for their sophomore.
  3. It’s a good thing we have AOTY which this could contest for. Also a good thing we don’t have worst AOTY(artwork of the year)
  4. Superb record. I love the raw heaviness and the bass on this one. And damn THIS LOSS is so impressive. Thanks KL
  5. Strong month for music. But Slipknot has it long long back at least for me
  6. I definitely agree with people being disappointed. Tbh this is a generic record. I also feel most of the disappointment is because it’s wage war and people expect much more. It’s an okay listen but they will definitely feel the “pressure” when fans don’t resonate as much with this. Thanks KL
  7. Yessss... they have such dark melodies. sick track
  8. Finally!!! It’s okay’ish considering everything else they put out before this. I just hope they stick to their unique heavy dark sound with several layers in a song. They are so good at that and they’ve really earned a name in such a short amount of time. Stoked nonetheless for their debut
  9. Damn it!!! It’s just like their music at around near 2000s. This is so good. Melody, sad and dark. Their perfect recipe for a song.
  10. Pretty sick single. Transit blues was melodic af. That artwork is killer too. Stoked for 'The Act'
  11. I kinda like it. Definitely generic and not heavy. But its catchy and a good listen. hoping the album offers more though
  12. why tf was this not on the album. Its on par with everything on that album if not better. Sick tune
  13. Starset at it again... very interesting.. his voice is insane
  14. Metalcore / Djent/ Technical Death Metal / Progressive Metal/tightAF/mustlisten/donotingnorecore
  15. This is a sad chill album... not like groundbreaking but just one of those albums you want to keep because it’s just such a nice listen throughout. Loved it. This thread needs more attention though.
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