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  1. I am definitely bummed thornhill is not winning it. But damn TDWP and Issues??? no way
  2. heard this a couple of time. And realised this does not really have that many screams tbh. It’s a soft record but heavy overall surrounding. Coven is still my personal best. That song offers the most number of layers and diversity they showed in Butterfly. But it’s not wrong to say this is not a brilliant record by any means. Although definitely not AOTY imo
  3. So good. This is the record I was anticipating the most. Fucking hell Lily and the moon is so unbelievably perfect. I never expected to be so satisfied after listening to a record from this genre that too after so long. These guys deserve all the attention after this. Such a masterpiece and yeah definitely AOTY
  4. Wow... i am glad i gave this a listen because they kinda lost me after Feel. This is unexpectedly good. I just feel bad cos this is a good album but they just dont have the same appeal compared to back then
  5. Transit Blues was catchy and heavy, I loved it. This, I was expecting more I guess but not happy after the first listen. Bummed cos I was waiting for this record. Didn’t enjoy the listen tbh.
  6. Damn!!! They are unbelievably good.. The sounds they are producing and the emotions they are delivering and that too its a debut. How talented can some band be like seriously. This is easily the AOTY contender, already calling it.
  7. Fuck yeah!!! Super catchy chorus and punchy verses. Loved it
  8. You made really sad and chill music back then. And with this you literally helped me time travel and feel like a teen again. LOVE FOREVER
  9. Holy fuck!!!! These guys need to be huge already. Fuck these songs have the perfect structure. Dark and melodic af too. Stoked for their sophomore.
  10. It’s a good thing we have AOTY which this could contest for. Also a good thing we don’t have worst AOTY(artwork of the year)
  11. Superb record. I love the raw heaviness and the bass on this one. And damn THIS LOSS is so impressive. Thanks KL
  12. Strong month for music. But Slipknot has it long long back at least for me
  13. I definitely agree with people being disappointed. Tbh this is a generic record. I also feel most of the disappointment is because it’s wage war and people expect much more. It’s an okay listen but they will definitely feel the “pressure” when fans don’t resonate as much with this. Thanks KL
  14. Yessss... they have such dark melodies. sick track
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