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  1. As a huge BMTH fan (pre TTS) I honestly think it’s just average like all the previous singles, nothing I would regularly listen to.. If I have to like this song just cos they are not poppy anymore or just cos they’re BMTH, it’s not an honest feeling I guess... I believe if this was a track from any other band it would have barely grabbed any attention... but yeah i do get people are psyched about it cos it’s them, it’s understandable but very debatable too.. will definitely check out the record though
  2. This is a chill song... like it.. sound like a combination of Goo Goo Dolls and A&A in HA own way
  3. Bro!!! I am genuinely scared to check this record out. All amazing songs like wtf is up with all these bands... this year AOTY is going be such an amazing experience... everybody having an opinion and for once most of us can agree to it lol
  4. Damn!!!! i was not expecting something so catchy and unique... simple rock elements but awesomely executed... true potential
  5. Fuck yeah!!! Finally, there you are ❤️.. I finally see elements from their debut.. i am fine if they go in the same direction as their debut cos it’s so iconic and unique.
  6. extremely happy for slaves... well deserved
  7. When we don’t exist was a phenomenal release at that time And after that nothing that intrigued me... but damn these last 2 singles have just reshaped this bands image for me.. so hyped and again pointing something out guys... THIS YEARS AOTY IS GOING TO HAVE A NAIL BITING CLIMAX
  8. Always delivering such amazing tunes... One of the best in the scene.. Clox was such a banger and then these 3.. melodies are definitely their key interest.. love this band so much.. Also, blue Sunday made me feel something so different, got that feeling after a long time... a feeling like listening to sad tunes in a bright sunny day but still vibin
  9. Not doing it for me... they had such a weird vibe in their debut, dark ambient and melodic.. Submerge, Colorblind, Daylily, Deadly Dull (insane), Deep red... such bangers.. I hope the other songs surprise me.. still stoked though
  10. This is pretty good... but still complicated is the best of them all
  11. Oh no... this won’t do it after Feel Something.. that album was so pure, the tunes so dark and ethereal and gave strange vibes... this just won’t do it after that. Still optimistic cause they are talented af
  12. This is a chill tune... really hyped up now for their full length
  13. After 2 amazing records, this just does not do it. Just too basic. I love them, so will come back for the next album I suppose haha
  14. So good and groovy... All these amazing bands stepping up their game even more. I swear AOTY 2020 is going to have a nail biting Climax
  15. So smooth and strangely heavy... 10/10.. Sharptone Records signing them would be the best thing
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