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  1. This song is good... but nothing beats SUDDENLY... I WAS ALONE... that song literally was the best track for me last year
  2. All the elements they have in their music are so dark and eerie... love it
  3. Wow loved it... most of their songs have that sad and mellow tunes... great album to look forward to
  4. damn good charlotte back at it with a banger
  5. backstreet boys bring back the feel... their album NEVER GONE was and will be one of their best .. will give this a listen
  6. the tune melody is really good... i personally love it
  7. Damn!!! This is good... his voice is almost lying Chester.. love it
  8. Then why’d they leave Same old war (our last night) and drag me down( 1D) lol
  9. their last album wasnt great... this already having 3 songs we know of and a couple of covers just gets the hype down.. still will check this out.
  10. Don’t you fake it was such a good album... I still jam misery loves it’s company every fucking day.. don’t know why but after that they weren’t the Same
  11. fuck... groovy af.. never been a fan but would love to hear what they sound like with the trend of todays rock
  12. Simply WOW.... vocals with the instruments give such a unique blend of melody and noise.. definitely worth a listen
  13. Fuck this sucks!!! I wish I voted.. never even thought this would be AOTY.. it somehow doesn’t even fit to see that in the AOTY
  14. 1. Nothing more - The Stories We Tell Ourselves 2. Currents - The Place I Feel Safest 3. A Lot Like Birds - DIVISI 4. Citizen - As You Please 5. Starset - Vessels 6. NF - Perception 7. Movements - Feel Something 8. Being As An Ocean - Waiting For The Morning To Come 9. Loathe - The Cold Sun 10. DAyseeker - Dreaming Is Sinking/ Waking Is Rising