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  1. Wow!!! This is beautiful
  2. “We were waiting for the train the day you turned to me and said”... that’s when the song really gave me the chills
  3. This was a pleasant listen... although ended up liking only silver tongues, sleepwalker and escapism.. sleepwalker is the real shit though
  4. For all I know this would be a great album... but somehow AA WCAR ISS music just does not get me excited nowadays... i would definitely listen to the album but the hype is no longer there
  5. This album guys... I mean it’s so unreal... fuck i have been waiting for an album this sad and emotionally driven... the artwork the lyrics the tunes like serious sad shit.. AOTY unless some other band pulls off the impossible.. love you KL
  6. Wow!!! This is heavenly
  7. Nice... their full length was weak compared to their EP... this is freaking good
  8. This was once a band i followed for their dark music... ill give it a shot for what they were once.. thanks for the upload
  9. Not that great as a whole but wow the last segment got me... silver tongues still the standout
  10. I would be so disappointed if BAAO does not get this ... but yeah this month was pretty good music wise
  11. As if the song names were not killing me already... Fuck this is the best music i have heard in a long time
  12. Is this a debut??? If it is then it’s a good effort... ride it out has one of the best verse I have heard but chorus is kinda okay... this sort of rock is actually boring now, more like dead but still they did a decent job... thanks KL
  13. I know they’ve done good work in the past... but these 2 singles got me into them
  14. This band is love... delivered the darkest tunes in EOS & I&I.. this is good but still... it’s not what you’d expect from em
  15. I am happy with this... mostly because I don’t have to like this song just because i like the band.. which generally I have to do with every other single released by the bands I love