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  1. Looks like indiancore. Indians, where you at?
  2. Crazy good. Fucking hell I am vibing with those cleans. It’s 2/4 for me. Second asking and monsters really give some feels of TPIFS
  3. Their debut was insane. Really catchy and get scared esque. Definitely worth checking out. this ones no less than a banger.
  4. So I ended up listening to this,YOU KNOW COS ITS AA. Honestly, this album is not all bad, a lot of songs have really catchy choruses. I feel it’s safe to say it’s a good album, but just not AA
  5. Have not heard it yet... but what really hurts is that I don’t even want to download it. Man I loved this band to death like 2 albums ago
  6. Not A bad Song. It’s just that I can’t get into AA anymore. Their image is totally altered in my mind, never can get into them now.
  7. I love it. Funky-core. This is a really good album but I can safely say this will not be my AOTY specially with invent animates mammoth release and currents coming up. Although, this is definitely not overhyped, they deserve all the attention they get and I hope they get even more. An easy 9/10
  8. Fucking hell!!! This is catchy af. Good stuff
  9. From life’s not out to get you to this with just one album in between. These guys are really going down quick. Super boring
  10. White Noise was such a great album. Dark elements, catchy and all while bring radio friendly. After that album their music just didn’t do it for me.
  11. Architects Loathe Bring Me The Horizon (for Sempiternal ❤️ And before that) Thornhill Silent Planet Currents Volumes Northlane Polaris Invent, Animate (Only for their latest effort which is simply mind blowing and so happy to see them in almost everyone’s list ) I’d add Asking Alexandria, Memphis May Fire, Issues, I see stars and couple of more but it’s been long since they’ve made music I could enjoy, not even about being heavy.
  12. It’s good no doubt. But their debut was much better.
  13. This is fire too. I couldn’t really enjoy anything after FF. But these two singles are really good
  14. Sounds so much like let it in. It’s okay but frankly I believe the newer metal bands are doing a really really good Job than these older bands.
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