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  1. Wow 😌... heard this and I am so relieved... friends gypsy and way out are so good and just get you in the feels.. Lydia always delivers the tune for getting those dark nostalgic feels... AOTM for me
  2. Damn!!! The day I ruined your life is such a good song...
  3. Such an awesome tune... soft songs hit way harder👍
  4. Man that song is just so good...i hear it every hour like literally... right when the song is about to end and it all goes quiet and just that tune is playing I think about the good memories and makes me feel so warm and nostalgic... that tune is just so unbelievably good and the name of that song just adds so much texture to it
  5. Yes I agree... I actually should have mentioned the core scene band.. like the bands with huge following have not been delivering.. just my opinion though
  6. One of the few bands that actually make good music and will definitely chart better in the charts... unlike the other bands that continue to decline.. solid af btw
  7. This song is good... but nothing beats SUDDENLY... I WAS ALONE... that song literally was the best track for me last year
  8. All the elements they have in their music are so dark and eerie... love it
  9. Wow loved it... most of their songs have that sad and mellow tunes... great album to look forward to
  10. damn good charlotte back at it with a banger
  11. backstreet boys bring back the feel... their album NEVER GONE was and will be one of their best .. will give this a listen
  12. the tune melody is really good... i personally love it
  13. Damn!!! This is good... his voice is almost lying Chester.. love it
  14. Then why’d they leave Same old war (our last night) and drag me down( 1D) lol