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  1. So album is half great and half average. 13 voices was more consistent overall for sure. But Turning Away, Out For Blood, Never There, The People Vs, Catching Fire and A Death in the Family are all pretty great to great songs. The People Vs kinda took me by surprise, has an Offspring feel, especially the guitar tone and chords and drums. Even the vocal melodies really too.
  2. Dave gone and trash singles, hoping for the best, not expecting much
  3. Yeh i didn't rate the 128 tbh Vocals are too quiet and shit
  4. Lol The singles have been decent and the last album was awesome. This place is ridiculous sometimes lol
  5. Lol no one has given reason other than jaded opinion. It's just rookies who like a bad album, not getting into the newer stuff coz they're still into that "heavier is better" mentality. It's cute though...the scene will always have these people....I remember when I was young and didnt know music too
  6. Better than a sempiternmal z-side like their last album
  7. Lol the first album was trash. Burning out and this are better than anything off that album
  8. Jesus christ can young thug just quit music? I never want to hear him ever again
  9. Lots of potential in this... Last album was pretty bland but okay for a debut I guess... You can tell they've stepped it up a notch, old mates vocals are pretty cool. And who cares if they have bmth sound...whatever they release is guaranteed to be better than AMO and the joke that bmth have become....wouldn't even be mad
  10. Absolutely amazing band. Ben is top 3 vocalist in the genre for sure Download reclaimer...amazing album
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