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  1. Well its obviously ronnie the whole way through and not a guest, you can tell by the way he pronounces words. Song seems be to in the wrong pitch or something....itll sound like him on official release.
  2. Probably not heavy enough for all the 'heavy = good' crew.
  3. The mix honestly ruins this album. The riffs are drowned out and Tim's vocals are bland. The cleans also need some variety...as does the album in general. Eh
  4. Haha yeah Gerry got it right...freak flag is the other
  5. One of the 2 worst songs on this great album...why have they released this?
  6. This is gonna be aoty Cant wait for all the heavy = good people to throw a tantrum Get a clue hahaha
  7. Love this band heavy or soft but this song is shit
  8. Defs interested in this. Loved their first album at the time, next one was okay too.
  9. This is just like Gravity from the last album, why is everyone crying?
  10. Its cool, stick to your 'if its not heavy then its not good' mantra. You'll develop one day
  11. Heavier songs the weaker songs 4, 5, 6 are so eh 4 is shit
  12. Are we able to get a downloadable version? First link is forbidden to download Second link is broken Btw this will be AOTY
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