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  1. 36 year old checking in too lol Thursday with Poison The Well, January 2004, one of my fave shows ever tbh
  2. The singer is a cunt All the members left for this reason He was also mentally abusing and threatening past members and stuff too. As well as those sexual assault allegations...
  3. They just bug me hahha As I've said in a previous post, I've been forced to see them at least 8 times over the past few years and I've just never seen any appeal and never felt like anyone actually wants to watch them. I know I'm being a bit dramatic with my hate 🙃 Anyway all good, will move on and leave it off here
  4. I just had to let a bit of alpha wolf rage off my chest
  5. Wonder if old mate will ditch his stupid mask on stage, now that masks are what they are....and have always been dumb One of my most hated bands...be good if they can finally make something good
  6. The 'heavy = good' crowd is the most annoying crowd in music hahaha I always wonder if they're 13 years old or just very simple
  7. If this could top EFAE, it will be AOTY and I'll shoot jizz everywhere I'm scared of the vocal mix ruining a masterpiece, but we shall see. Might just need to tweak an EQ just for this album
  8. You're acting like their old stuff was great though....it wasn't
  9. Pumped for this. flac appears to be missing first 2 songs tbh
  10. This is solid and fun and I really can't wait for the release... Only found out today its an EP and not album, but if its 6 awesome tracks, I'll happily take it
  11. Don't mind this so far tbh I used to think some songs were okay, but never loved them or their albums, always reminded me of the kind of metal that those metalheads who don't shower like. Now its for cleaner metal fans
  12. This is great tbh Band have a really nice sound to them right now, keen for the album
  13. Okay, noted... Hopefully Eskimo Callboy can bring out a bunch of positivity this week. Maybe even this FFAK album can, I've never been the biggest fan, but so far I like the songs I've heard from this, more than their previous stuff.
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