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  1. Jeez didn't even know it got delayed til Jan.... Pisses me off so much when labels do this... Glad it leaked....out of principle.
  2. If anyone wants to try and make a new site, don't let haters try and stop you tbh Sure, it might be starting fresh, but that's fine. You have as much right as the next person...
  3. Haven't tried it for a while, but the eq was always my biggest issue.... Whats it like these days? If you are used to FLAC and an app like poweramp with a decent eq, can Spotify come close to matching that sound?
  4. Lol imagine we all called out a downvote... Silly downvotes happen to everyone, who cares, I'm probably not the one who needs to grow up. I didn't agree on the DGD comment...that's my opinion. No hard feelings
  5. Well...this is nothing to write home about. Not Degenerates level of absolute garbage, but not great. This is the band that had the 3 album run of FTWHH, HS and WSMFY...the talent is there, the output is not right now
  6. Except this was originally stated for November 2019 release and covid didn't hit until 2020
  7. Ahhh Wage War threads.... The place the heavy = good crowd love to congregate
  8. Maybe my fave overall FIR album....most consistant - either way.... Can see why this side song didn't make it though...some very cringey lyrics and parts in there.
  9. Eh...sick of the single song after song after reimagined after year old b-side and years old b-side. Chuck us an album already tbh I know Ronnie seems to only want to do a song at a time, but personally, i think its talent going to waste.
  10. Well this has got to be disappointment of the year tbh
  11. It has a handful of great songs...but the album as a whole is not amazing. But that's just my you have yours...and that other guy can have his. BMTH fans in 2020 are so sensitive. OG bmth fans put up with so much hate back in the day, this is nothing haha
  12. Its okay. Still 10 times better than anything on that last AA album
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