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  1. Inconsistent album but had some really great songs too
  2. Despite blue wall...i will never pay a band out to be edgy or for the sake of it hahahha I liked the last ep of this so I'm keen to hear it tbh
  3. Bmth are fucking horrid now. Oli can't sing outside of the studio, their egos are through the roof, they abandoned the fans that made them - which is okay - but laughed about it and acted on a pedestal. Fuck em..their music is actual shit now...im allowed that opinion without you crying about it tbh The funniest part overall is watching the fans that still like them acting like they're special because they still like them...on that fake Oli high horse hahahah Cheers
  4. They pushed this back acting like it was because of BLM... After already delaying it.... Shit form
  5. Its okay, though I probably like Ghost of You better than these tracks....should have been on here. Chorus of Punishment is horrid, but apart from that its alright. Nothing will ever top Jury of Wolves I feel
  6. Thats just so cringey hahaha
  7. Whats the point of this band? Another horrid, pointless release
  8. This sums it up pretty well. Chorus has some good moments and is the strongest part....Oli talking is beyond cringe though....plus he is nothing more than a studio vocalist these days, Jordan carries that bitch live....
  9. It doesn't have to be constructive, this isn't a college paper, its called an opinion on a forum about a song. Saying 'amazing' isn't constructive either.... Head out of ass please
  10. God damn mirrorace is a shit fight
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