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  1. Fuck that vocal effect is horrid. I mean...use it maybe verse only or something...too much...
  2. Never liked this band.....This release is fucking great though... Enjoyed half of it straight up, now the more i listen i pretty much like the whole thing now....played it all the way through probably 5 times today alone. These guys and WSS have both made me a fan this year.....a big fan
  3. Hmmm, thats very strange. I use Poweramp on Android and sometimes have to ReScan...not sur eo the standard player. Maybe force close the music player and reopen it or something
  4. Have never been able to get into this band, as much as i've tried - and i've tried multiple times. This album could well be a Top 10 album of all time, I absolutely love it and am still smashing it multiple times a day - a month on.
  5. Click download, unzip, play. Its not like you have an iphone
  6. I know...its so stupid Haha Especially when so many bands are actually better when they're less heavy. Metalcore fans -__-
  7. Hoping this is a return to about that life sound.... Last couple have been garbage
  8. People saying Hollow sounds like Alone in a room, lol wut? This was speculated for some reason and people have obviously just jumped on board like blind sheep
  9. Keen to hear this....The Black was so much better than that latest AA shit
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