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  1. You can happily submit your own releases. It's always been like that
  2. Sorry, but i'll just go back to Cold World instead.
  3. I always liked their stuff ever since Marcus joined, but i wasn't huge on them. For me, they are way better live and i rarely find myself listening to them that often. Now this is something i really like and jam a lot already. I'm not sure if it's the new sound or if it's due to seeing them live so many times, but i'm genuinely hyped for this album and i think this will be on rotation for a long while.
  4. Haven't listened to him in years, i'll give this a spin after work.
  5. No, but Vacation is still their best work.
  6. Wow, i guess you don't like happiness and summer
  7. Is the new All My Friends version slightly faster than the old one or is it just me?
  8. It's as generic as it gets, big nope from me
  9. Doesn't come as surprise if they really recorded this Q1 2017
  10. Man they hyped this shit so much and it's so..ordinary.
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