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  1. Download it, try 2-4 songs of the album (don't pick only singles) and risk losing 15-20 minutes. It will definitely not hurt.
  2. Whats even the point of all those bands featuring the same artists? Just do the same thing all those k pop/j pop bands do and form a band with 20 members.
  3. Hopefully this albums leaks like a year ahead of release. I don't even want it, it would simply be funny.
  4. Do they have an album called the walkies?
  5. Jeez people, please go listen to Empty instead of this crap.
  6. This song is the only thing here that left a taste of regret.
  7. Best person on KL hands down.
  8. For me it's the vocalist. His singing fits their instrumentals perfectly and he's just amazing.
  9. I'd devour a whole album in this style. It's incredibly good.
  10. World changing record. I hope the people who were begging for it enjoy it, otherwise all the thirst was for nothing.
  11. Well that was a really boring and non cohesive song.
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