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  1. "Final Surprise: we’re releasing our 2nd EP, KILL THE SUN on Jan 18, 2019 6 brand new semi-acoustic tracks as emotionally heavy as anything we’ve done before" Source: Twitter
  2. Really digging this just like the other singles. Looking forward to the album
  3. Usually i download every release from a band for completion reasons, but i think i might pass this time.
  4. Can this get a lot more praise please? Good lord, this is fantastic fron to back.
  5. It's okay, both bands (SP and Don Broco) delivered unbelievable good albums.
  6. Cool, looking forward to the album!
  7. If we use your system architects could have a maximum of 55 poinst and you gave it 52 points. That's no 8,5, it's a 9,5/10
  8. I like it very much, great album!
  9. Lets see how good this is, like the singles a fair bit
  10. Target bonus track. You need to send them a picture of your receipt and they send you a download of this track.
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