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  1. @Summers It sucks to hear this from you since you did an amazing job at posting music and keeping chat alive when noone else was around. Sadly i know exactly what you are going through, i hope you find your peace with it and move onto something more joyful.
  2. Than you have a different rip. I ran all the tracks through audacity again and each and every one of them is 128kbps. This is the rip i got from here and the tracks cut off at slightly above 15k, indicating they are either a 128kbps or poorly mastered. This is a 320kbps rip off LNOTGY downcoded from a flac.
  3. @Summers might wanna recheck the specs, doesn't look like it's a 320 rip.
  4. Every time they release something i give them a chance, but i can't get into them. Oh well
  5. Is the bonus track still only available on the vinyl? If not i'll try to get a decent rip.
  6. Definitely the weakest of the song machine tracks. It takes a couple of listens to get good, but still the weakest.
  7. Cool, people complained about TGI leaking 4 days in advance just because they had an accident in their past. This is their second album in a row that leaked over a month in advance and nobody bats an eye. Fuck you guys.
  8. I'd rather not listen to this again, their music just isn't interesting enough.
  9. It's hard to believe that this is the same Asking Alexandria from a few years ago. I'd rather have them release boring scene albums than this crap.
  10. - Asking Alexandria - Memphis May Fire - The Word Alive - Crown The Empire - Capture The Crown - I Prevail - Our Last Night - Of Mice & Men - August Burns Red - Ice Nine Kills
  11. Whatevs dude i just think your 'point' was stupid. Giving an objective argument to counter an objective opinion.
  12. I don't know what the fuck i just listened to, but it's brilliant.
  13. The more i listen to this, the more i have to say that i'm glad that Michael had to leave.
  14. Very nice, i really loved Eskapist.
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