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  1. Like this way more than any track of the last album. Could easily be played in a club or on top 40 radio, it's super catchy.
  2. Instead of acting like a douche, you could just give this band a try and stop sucking wage war off. They are a boring band with a standout track or two and nothing more.
  3. Not even capslock can fix that damage
  4. Didn't really care much for his and trophy eyes' music, but his voice finally stuck after that boston manor feature. Love his stuff (and the new Trophy Eyes album) now.
  5. Afaik ptl plays the file as it is, it doesn't downcode while playing.
  6. I really like the single art, but the music is not that great. Got baited again.
  7. Because some people aren't stuck up in a single genre? It's better to draw from different sources than always do the same shit over and over again
  8. He's from Trophy Eyes, has a solo album out this friday
  9. You can happily submit your own releases. It's always been like that
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