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  1. If the link isn't up anymore, use the dead link button
  2. This is so much better than Heroes, Villains and all that Jazz.
  3. He and a guitarist left after they dropped Glass Gloss.
  4. They had a ton of features who did vocals on Italian Ghost, yes.
  5. Or they could just slow down a bit and write a more impactful album instead of rehashing old ideas. To put quantity over quality is a dumb way of protecting a band, that shits out an album every year just for the sake of it.
  6. I'm glad he's still making music, despite his death in '91.
  7. More flexin, less of the rest would've been better. It's a solid album, nothing too good though.
  8. Are you serious or not? Because i feel exactly the same.
  9. Do we always have to write "Rip Kyle" when talking about WCAR?
  10. Hey, this is pretty cool. Definitely like this more than the last single. Guess i'll pre order the album
  11. What you see as the body of a bird, is the back of her head/her hair.
  12. instead of demanding you could scour the internet for the track.
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