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  1. Brilliant debut lp, can't really add much since desk pretty much said everything about it.
  2. Frank always gives ma Artic Monkeys vibes, but i love him and AM so i'm good
  3. @desk you can hardly call this a transition haha. It just cuts to a chorus and then back to a breakdown
  4. It's a typical Zebrahead song, i'm hyped for the rest though
  5. Disliked this song at first, but after listening to the whole ep it just turned out to be the wrong single for me. Love the full release, but this is arguably the weakest song.
  6. @Weiße Rose still not a problem to give at least half the album a spin, that's like 15 mins 🤷
  7. he's not wrong tho, half of the songs really are bad. The rest are good though, pretty much the same situation here.
  8. This had so much potential, but oh well.. it's still good.
  9. They said they want to put an ep out before they release another full length, so they could gain some traction.
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