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  1. Whatevs dude i just think your 'point' was stupid. Giving an objective argument to counter an objective opinion.
  2. I don't know what the fuck i just listened to, but it's brilliant.
  3. The more i listen to this, the more i have to say that i'm glad that Michael had to leave.
  4. Very nice, i really loved Eskapist.
  5. Disagree. This vocal "style" is just awful. Even if there are worse features, it doesn't mean that this is any good, but hey i won't stop anyone from enjoying it.
  6. Great track, but that feature is god awful. Didn't think it would turn out this bad, but oh well.
  7. It's actually a very nice background music album for when you're playing a laid back indie game. Otherwise probably rather boring.
  8. Didn't know this was releasing today, thanks buddy!
  9. I think KL got accused of doing so by Kingdom of Giants, ahahaha.
  10. Stopped my playthrough of a different album for this and boy did this song drag. Seemed like it took forever to finish along with not being enjoyable.
  11. Even though everything about this album is better now, i still don't like the mixing. I guess they just really nailed it on WTEB.
  12. Damon Albarn, you little shit. Don't do this to me
  13. Dang, how did i miss this record? I really love it; such a fun listen. I Still like We Are The Royal more, but this one is fantastic as well!
  14. Never heard of them before, but it's pretty good.
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