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  1. Then you can still check the posted things + wikipedia, but a discussion is pointless after mR12 explanation.
  2. But why, you can download as on here as well?
  3. Forgot that they released an album last year, let's hope this one will be better
  4. Both are better than most tracks of their last album, yuy
  5. I like it very much. Night People was so forgettable, this is so much better
  6. You definitely won't notice a difference between this and 320.
  7. @realowl i honestly don't get your ratings "it's a decent album, 9/10", but then you post your fav tracks of this album, which was nearly the whole thing, and it gets a 7.5/10. Besides, i like this album, didn't think much of it after the singles, but it's good as a whole.
  8. Don't know what to make of it with these genres