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  1. I disagree. Just think about it, there are three hexagons and one triangle. Every corner of that triangle resembles one hexagon. It's brilliant. We need more art like this, unpretentious yet beautiful.
  2. Kingdom Leaks Indie Comp 4 or 'How to trigger 16 different artists at once' At least some gems in there.
  3. Yes, wait until thursday or until someone gets his copy.
  4. Yea. A single back in 2017 together with Save Me, then on the debut and now again. It's always the same version. Detach is cool, the boys know how to deliver good tunes.
  5. Added (2013) History - Single [256Kbps] and (2018) You're so Cheap X Detach - Single !
  6. How many of those are new? Not counting the shitty live songs.
  7. Yes! Can't wait for this as well, gonna rip the cd and send it in once it arrives.
  8. Now i'm even more hyped for my pre order to arrive, yuy
  9. If anyone is interested in cd booklet scans pm me.
  10. I can't hear that "I like it, but it sucks as an Underoath album, if this was sleepwave it would've been better" argument anymore. Please erase my account.
  11. Guess i'll jam bouquet. again
  12. @LKA spelling mistake in the title
  13. @thatonenoob that's actually really cool stuff, keep it up!