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  1. Really good shit. New EP next month. New album next year.
  2. Good song in general, but song structure was so predictable. More bands need to get out of this verse, chorus, verse, breakdown, chorus.
  3. Weakest of the singles released imo. But still really good. Hype to listen to this album in full.
  4. Best band ever. They sound every bit as good live, if not better. They managed to explore and experiment so much without losing identity, which is rare. It never felt like they changed their style for success rather the music they wanted to make. 0 bad albums.
  5. God damn this actually slaps. HU got so much potential, fr would have loved a funnyman verse on this track.
  6. This direction has potential, his last album was booty, though that's the only real album in his discog that blows.
  7. I hate to be that guy that just shits on something, it's annoying. But I feel the need to point out that, this band really feels stuck in 2010. It's artists like this that keep this genre in a stalemate and unable to progress. It's fine to enjoy this, but from an artistic standpoint it's stale. Lyrically and sonically stale.
  8. Sounds like something a highschooler would write, from the lyrics, to the melody, especially the chorus. Shit cringey.
  9. Y'all remember when Danny did that interview saying "bands need to go get a drug problem"? He needs to go heed his own advice.
  10. Ngl felt like they struck gold with last album, was peak Trivium. I was fucking wrong, this feels like they're just getting started. What a fucking monster of a band.
  11. Fuck I won't be off work for another 10 hours wtf. May sneak out to my car to bump this lol.
  12. This got some of their best in recent times and some of their worst.
  13. I'll have to take it slow, don't wanna get too triggered lol.
  14. No lie, used to enjoy his music just havent listen to him in ages. I'll give it a try here in a bit.
  15. All of y'all shittin on em but be loving your selves some mumblin ass bs full of lyrics a 2 year old can pull outta their ass.
  16. Original came out 1997. It's said in 2017 Grey Daze got back together and started rerecording old songs from their two albums.
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