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  1. Pretty dank, he actually screams though it's a different technique, and isn't a brutal so don't know why some of y'all whining. Sure the melody sounds he sounds like something FoB or Imagine Dragons would write, but if either of these bands released this song all of y'all would lose ya shit. Danny's also a better vocalist than either of those two imo. End of the day it's pretty energetic, catchy, though a bit repetitive.
  2. Definitely gotta say after a few days I'm loving it more.
  3. Thanks! Such a great EP. See why this isn't on the latest LP.
  4. Y'all just don't appreciate people who play their instruments incredibly well.
  5. Idk if it was an off day for the vocalist, it's very great don't get me wrong. Though I have heard him do better, maybe it was the mix. Maybe I'm just very wrong. Love these both thanks KL.
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