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  1. Finally FFDP learned to cook some good fucking food.
  2. Wolfpack was so dope. Forgot about these guys.
  3. Gotta feeling the community here ain't gonna receive this one too well. While being lyrically very on the nose, the songs stand out other ways, some of them at least. Crazyproduction, with a lot of depth, which lends to some good highs in the album, but most of the good parts are short, well the album is short. 11 tracks less than 30 min, JESUS IS SHORT. Need to get baked and give this a spin to see if I love it.
  4. Dank art. Always wanna hear more from these guys.
  5. Listened last night, can't say it's bad, but definitely need a week or so to digest, & appreciate.
  6. I get ya, apologize if I come across as a dick. Curious have you listen to any Slipknot releases previous to this one?
  7. As a absolute fan of Slipknot, I've a review. After my first WANYK listen I can say that Slipknot are as fearless as they are consistent, 20 plus years into their tenure they've put out what is at least in their top 3 of their discography, more listens will decide it's proper placement, as there is alot to unpackage, perhaps injusting some drugs and giving this a listen will provide the clarity to give this a better intake. WANYK without a doubt is pushing outside the bounds of what is considered typical Slipknot, whilst remaining true to their identify. This album definitely deserves a listen by anyone who isn't a Slipknot fan, or the singles released (the singles while fitting into the album, are not the best representation of what WANYK is) but is a fan of metal, as it offers something very unique. Now as for the vibes, and sounds itself, this album really shows off just how great of a drummer Jay is, loads of weird, and unique drumming throughout this album. There's alot of weird electronic ambience that defines the tone of WANYK, very dark and ominous. They use these electronics to tie most of the tracks together which is a very cool thing for listeners who appreciate listening to albums front to back. Seems Sid really got to shine with his scratching as well, which is something we haven't seen alot from Slipknot, always felt like Sid was a backseat character, that's not the case here though. The guitars on this album really bring it, riffs as exhilarating, blistering and heavy as being thrown out of a plane strapped to a 1000 ton weight that was at 666°F. The only disappointment is there are very little Jim Root solos, not having him in Stone Sour really has left me wanting some solos from him. Though that's just a personal thought that shouldn't be taken into consideration when judging this album. After covering my bases instrumentally I've to get to the vocals & writing. I can say with quite a bit of certainty that is some of Corey's best screaming. Seems most every album his unclean vocals evolve, after hearing the singles I feared they were mostly the same from .5, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. But after an entire listen I can say it's .5 growls but way more ferocious, and br00tal, not to mention what he does on a good amount of this album is his trademark unclean rapping, which there's things he spits for fast that it's unprecedented. His cleans really sores, bringing an outstanding melodic aspect that fits into the album quite well. The writing on this album I can't speak much on as I've not taken a look at the lyrics. But we all know Corey Taylor is a top tier lyricist, and from what I've been able to make out that stays true. All and all you'd be hard pressed to find another album that's sounds like this. WANYK has some of their heaviest material since Iowa, as long with some of their most interesting aspects since Self Titled. 10/10.
  8. Liars Funeral has some acoustic to it. Definitely download, and give a listen get past the first three tracks and you're in for a treat. Some of their heaviest material since Iowa lies within this album, if heavy is what you're looking for.
  9. Hahahaha hope I don't. I've been reading through the comments basically drooling at my mouth thinking this is gonna be such a good listen.
  10. Holy hell I'm ready. At work though my drive home is about an hour long so it's all good.
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