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  1. Idk if it was an off day for the vocalist, it's very great don't get me wrong. Though I have heard him do better, maybe it was the mix. Maybe I'm just very wrong. Love these both thanks KL.
  2. *Gets ontop of their table at award show and stomps*
  3. Third option, there's people like you who don't understand music, I get it if you don't enjoy how it sounds. But the instrumentals alone deem this song respect, the mix and master is incredible, it all blends so well. But I get it if you don't like it, it's a very different song, so someone like you who's mentally retarded might not be able to wrap ya head around what excatly is going on.
  4. You're crazy if you think any of these song titles are going to be enough for a successful lawsuit lol R.I.P the Post Malone feature.
  5. Clutch, and now Thrice super early. You guys are crazy, hope y'all have a good night because I know I will.
  6. Hoping for another Bad Meets Evil LP since Catapiller, another collaboration on this album has my hopes higher. Good shit.
  7. Never heard of them downloading to see if it's good.
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