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  1. All of y'all shittin on em but be loving your selves some mumblin ass bs full of lyrics a 2 year old can pull outta their ass.
  2. Original came out 1997. It's said in 2017 Grey Daze got back together and started rerecording old songs from their two albums.
  3. Cheers, thanks for all the work and turmoil you've guys have persevered through these past few years, thanks for all that hard work you've done, and all the hard work you're currently working on, appriciate watching this community grow.
  4. Then I could see why what i said turned you off.
  5. What a cop out, if their next LP is as disappointing I'm probably not going to have the will to care.
  6. If you're fine with music that's got alot of space in it. It isn't the most accessible listen, but definitely a interesting listen, with alot of really dope moments. You listen to her latest album? The production on it was super clean, something I'd love to see collide with bring me, as they're already using the same elements.
  7. Nice surprise. Definitely something to blaze to. This only cements the idea they should collab with Billie Elish.
  8. Finally FFDP learned to cook some good fucking food.
  9. Wolfpack was so dope. Forgot about these guys.
  10. Gotta feeling the community here ain't gonna receive this one too well. While being lyrically very on the nose, the songs stand out other ways, some of them at least. Crazyproduction, with a lot of depth, which lends to some good highs in the album, but most of the good parts are short, well the album is short. 11 tracks less than 30 min, JESUS IS SHORT. Need to get baked and give this a spin to see if I love it.
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