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  1. I love the chorus on Stygian Blue, it's super stupid but it works so well
  2. I was hyped then i saw the "singles" lol
  3. With Thoughts from a Stone by Coma Cluster Void, this is the EP of the year.
  4. The esque-Silent Planet spoken word at the end of Save Yourself is amazing, probably my favorite part of the album. The rest is...eh, i think i should listen to it again 2 o 3 times. Vortex is a fucking great song!
  5. The album is really good, the vocals are good, the composition is awesome, the production...eh, i like less digital sounding but whatever. Amazing album! for fans of Meshuggah, Humanity's Last Breath, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vildhjarta and that shit And yes, the artwork is horrible
  6. Damn, this is heavy, the solo is awesome, I like the chorus and the vocals at the beginning are great. I was waiting too long for a song like this of this guys, love it!
  7. Probably Slice The Cake, SikTh, Frontierer, Circle of Contempt and Hypno5e
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