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  1. i stopped reading here because i'm laughing too hard to continue
  2. Maybe my airpods are being weird or something's wrong with itunes, but the quality sounds really off? I know it says 320, and this will hold me over until Friday, but it just sounds weird on my end. I thought there was a lead guitar part at the end of Switchblade? I didn't hear that on this. edit: well, i just listened to switchblade again and now i'm getting that lead guitar and the whole thing sounds clearer so i guess itunes was just being fucky lol
  3. also, this is a perfect intro track. they're using their platform to talk about the single most important issue facing our planet right now. who fucking cares if it's not an actual song? the message is so much more important. they did this for a reason. they wanted you to expect a song and end up hearing an important call to action on climate change so you'd feel moved to act. -laughs in Tool-
  4. Cut the image for brevity, but two reactions here: "22 songs" -crowd cheers- "Expected February 21st 2020" -crowd boos-
  6. god damn this makes me wanna kick my own fucking ass
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