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  1. So...I just finished it. I'm not joking, I'm not being biased (even tho SP is my favorite band and they're my icon and shit whatever) This isn't just the album of the year, it's one of my favorite albums ever written. It is truly a masterpiece from front to back. Do not sleep on this. If there's one record you buy this year, let it be this one. Let this album into your's good for you.
  2. I really don't know if I should do this. I want to be patient. I was patient with EWS. I have listened to all of the singles... Fuck it. I'm doing it. I've bought 5 vinyl copies, I think I can justify a leak.
  3. The instrumental version is way better. The lyrics on the other version are downright dreadful.
  4. Imagine hating a band because they sound like one of the best bands to ever exist. Can't wait to hear this!
  5. how i'm feelin right about now
  6. Wow, surprised this is out so early. Also, I thought they were supposed to put out an album this month and then this one in January?
  7. I'm going to give this a try tomorrow, but my expectations are suuuuuper low. I have a feeling this isn't even going to touch The Curse or Lead Sails Paper Anchor.
  8. This is fantastic. What else would you expect from mwy? They're legends
  9. I was surprised too. I stumbled upon Greener Pastures several years ago and it blew my mind. After Which Way The Wind Blows, I totally lost track of them. Didn't even know they were still a band. This is a pretty cool sound, but GP is one of those records that holds a really special place in my heart. Keen to see how this record turns out though.
  10. alright ya'll tell me about stick stickly pt 2
  11. bittersweet to see that this is their last record. i've never been a huge fan of them, but a real boy is one of my favorite records ever. hopefully this one is good.
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