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  1. Silent Planet's new single pushed back to 7/17 according to their facebook
  2. Like I said, just my opinion. I've given both their records a few listens and I just haven't ever enjoyed them. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that I don't particularly care for Caleb Shomo's vocals or lyrics. Instrumentally, they're okay I guess. I also don't like how people label them a "hardcore" band, but that's nitpicky.
  3. this band has yet to release a single interesting song imo, but i'm gonna give this record a try out of morbid curiosity.
  4. listening to the FLAC files is practically a new experience entirely fucking love this record
  5. can't wait to check this out when i get off work. thanks!
  6. holy fucking shit this is the best shit they've ever done their next record is going to be a masterpiece genuinely terrified of this band
  7. i need this to go up on spotify NASIR IF U READIN THIS, LEMME EAT BRO
  8. So I just gave this a listen and two notes: 1. titty 2. this isn't post-hardcore by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still fucking immaculate. this band has never failed to blow me away and this ep is no exception. love the r&b/electronic rock feel to this project. wonder what Tony's role was though, since there's no screaming on it
  9. Well, I finally understand my own line for forgiving someone for attempted murder (/s) Seriously, this is fucking incredible. Can't wait to hear if they have anything else planned.