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  1. @jimisbatman you JUST discovered a band that reached there peak in 2003 !? Oh, by the way this is an ALL COVERS album "Another Nail In My Heart: is a SQUEEZE song from 1980
  2. Heard a sample of this last night, immediately sounded alot like early The Offspring
  3. Love Avatar! This is much better than the last album i felt was too "gimmicky" with the whole Hail To The King Guitarist act. Love to groove of "Scream Until You Wake" and "Justice" would've fit well back on the "Black Waltz" ep. I would like to see them do more slow/mid tempo build up songs in the future
  4. lol! someone prepped a fake because it was announced awhile back. the intro is basically PLUS 44's "Baby Come On" track with different words
  5. @myxj oh really?? i did not know this. either way i''ll check it out. thanks for the info
  6. These guys always put out decent material.. even their b-sides album. Also looking for the vocalists other project Kill The Lights full length in a few weeks!
  7. I love my Gojira but they didn't bring much new with this one. Nothing too technical, but i do like the somewhat Chorus they added with this one. Otherwise sounds like something that could've fit in a good 3 albums prior.
  8. In This Moment's album was an atrocity. I was also disappointed in Lamb Of God's album
  9. Good revisit. Brings back memories. Now I can upgrade my Myspace download of Knives and Pens
  10. Wow, what a throwback. Why 6 Is Afraid Of 7 was their jam back in the day! That's gotta be over 10 years ago
  11. Sounds Great! Excited for this full length
  12. 2002 throwbacks lol! wow, idk what this is but it sounds terribly recorded. Also curious to hear DEADSY come back album coming out shortly. Great industrial band of the early 2000's along the likes of Orgy and Crossbreed :)
  13. Pretty good cover. I really liked the PHANTOGRAM cover they released a couple years ago too, before they came out with the new album
  14. @bd007h they haven't been released anywhere yet! waiting to hear those. phenomenal record
  15. Not a fan of re-recordings, but damn this is nice and brings me back!
  16. This is the BUSH i needed to hear for a long time! Have some good material on here. Nice grungy bass lines on a lot of these tracks. My gripe is the production of some of the tracks suck like "Ghost in the Machine" "Send in the Clowns and "Our Time Will Come" they could've had louder, much punchier guitar leads Still the best thing they've put out in 15 years, i'll take it!
  17. @ErkvtCvlt If you're female maybe @cabose369 Def. not because no one expecting it. Now that they're a know band expectations will be over the top. This album was at least MUCH better than that 2017 release!
  18. what is there like 3 unheard tracks at this point??? i'll give it a spin
  19. After a few spins I'm really really diggin this. "Dead Souls" is a good gothic style closer that is unusual for these guys. "My Destruction" has that nice "Blue Monday-esque drum fill" "Otsego Placebo" having that 'Jap metal industrial sound' ((can't think of the band right now))) These guys really put in some work at the studio. The original idea was to complete these tracks with guest vocalists (ie. Dez Fafara, Edsel Dope, etc) until they discovered more demos. I'm excited for Vol 2. I'm hoping these guys have such good feedback that they continue with filler vocalists (or one) on future material. calling it X-STATIC :)
  20. This turned out phenomenal! Brings me back to that 'Shadow Zone' sound (my fav. full length by Static) The production was so well done, even the tracks with muddier vocals "Otsego Placebo" "My Destruction" turned out great with the added effects. Excited for Vol. 2 ! Wayne Lives On
  21. @TreeInTheWind Your Sweet 666 was pretty heavy. I believe it was on one of the early Headbangers Ball compilations albums
  22. Not the best, but a step up from what Trust Company, Hoobastank, 12 Stones are doing these days. The previous album was actually pretty decent
  23. just off the top of my head the last couple of months TRIVIUM, FOUR YEAR STRONG and PALAYE ROYALE, pleasantly surprised with THE USED. The good thing is many of the releases got pushed back due to the pandemic. This 2nd half of 2020 should have some killer tunes awaiting!
  24. @Hail Stan i can't wait for the full album review
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