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  1. sounds more like a B-side to his more industrial Device project. not the best way to hype up an upcoming album in my opinion
  2. is this the opening track on the album, that they said it was to be more Industrial sounding?? i was hoping that track had deep guitar tones to it
  3. this is a surprisingly real good album all the way thru
  4. All three singles were strong. Very excited for this full length!
  5. these guys and Blood Stain Child used to sound alot alike
  6. @Dwesk exactly what i'm thinkin. they usually have 3-4 killer tracks per album, then fillers. This one is near the top of all their full lengths. really diggin it
  7. i highly suggest the Dogs Eating Dogs ep also
  8. fuck yes! was awaiting to hear this new guys' vocals. Been loving these this band since the last 3 albums they put out.
  9. @edisnfg 311 did the same thing and covered an Offspring song. "Self Esteem" and its alot better than this cover! ya, just rip it from Youtube. Use a Youtube to mp3 converter
  10. Generation Doom was a big step up to some more catchy verses and less poetry esque songs. This has "16" tracks, but unfortunately they're back with many fillers and interlude type tracks. The cringy political lyrics do nothing for me, i was hyped for this one but it's down in the dumps with the "Hydra" album @TheEmpire86 i know, GD was a surprisingly catchy album. even the b-sides were better than just about anything on this
  11. thanks. wish they had some more of their mid-tempo slower style tracks on this like their Panic and Secret Weapon albums. but there's a handful of keeper tracks on here. Just glad they came out with something new
  12. @peripheryb this is just a cover song of 311's 311 did the same thing and covered an Offspring song. "Self Esteem" and its alot better than this cover!
  13. @MarkGL they said it should be out in the fall. i was actually thinking about going to their show here in Allentown, late august
  14. im assuming they just did this 311 cover to promote their tour together, that starts next week. It won't be the upcoming albums' first single