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  1. @Gafgarion nope. this IS IT. remember your on Kingdom Leaks. this is the LEAK
  2. not bad, but they never do anything new! None of these original Sonic Syndicate members' projects compare to the first two Sonic Syndicate releases. These guys are 4 ep's and 5 full lengths in.. and ALL of their songs sound like they belong on the same album lol
  3. they just released a cover of Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein" today also. You may remember the song best from Wayne's World lol.
  4. Actually some good bangers on this! Glad they strayed away from the 'Mexican Metal' from the previous two albums. Some good riff action.. "Burn" sounds like it could be a GOJIRA track and "Soul Searcher" sounds like the offspring bastard child of TRIVIUM and SOILWORK
  5. @desk last couple of albums had shitty generic production , that's why they went downhill
  6. Very good album. Beginning to End. My favorite track of theirs was always "Bloody Mary". Now they have an entire full length of single worthy tracks. I'm getting Saves The Day vibes from alot of the new sound
  7. how did this conversation compare Red Hot Chili Peppers to Motionless in White??? RHCP is one of the most innovative bands to ever exist, whether your a fan or not. They have their own unique style lyrically and musically. Many of their songs still stand the test of time compared to MIW . They are just a cookie cutter band of the moment. I'm a fan of what they do RIGHT NOW, but man this copy and paste metalcore trend is fading fast ..
  8. Not their best, this lands somewhere in the middle of their entire discography. So far, "Code" , "Brand New Numb" and "Holding onto Smoke" with the Tool-esque bass line are my fav. tracks. The verses of "Thoughts & Prayers" reminds me of a Twisted Method track from 15 years ago. "Undead Ahead" is just a cheesy Ice Nine Kills type track with too much digital background sampling (good luck pulling that off live). And.... how many songs can start off with "awwwhhh FuCK!.. "Disguise" + "Thoughts & Prayers"
  9. @PaddyOh they were a pretty huge alt.metal band in their country for years. Alot of good back discography, my favorite album beginning to end is probably "Sacrifice To Venus"
  10. There are some brilliantly covered tracks on this! Good mix of 80s , 90s', and current songs. MGMT's "Kids" is prolly my fav right now, and i never expected to hear a heavy version of The Killers "Mr. Brightside". lol ... but they pulled it off nicely!
  11. Best thing they've done in a long time. Excited they brought the 90's grunge sound back, upcoming album is supposed to have the heaviest stuff they've done yet
  12. @Tyex23 It's happening! they released "Drowning in the Sound" on youtube today. Found out by their intagram post earlier
  13. thought the masks would be cooler, considering Tom Savini helped with the design
  14. Better than expected after the singles. only two throw away tracks in my opinion .. "Diamant" and "Weit Weg". I don't mind the pace change in the 2nd half of the album. I wouldn't be surprised if "Was Iche Liebe" is a future single. I just wish there were more tracks or even a deluxe to look forward too after the 10 year wait, but unfortunately there won't be..
  15. Studio Production can do wonders these days
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