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  1. omg. i'll never forget their music video for "1.618" when they do crab-core during the breakdown. It is the most hilarious thing
  2. Good to hear them still releasing quality material since Justin died 4 years ago. I remember seeing them live 7-8 years ago and they had to stop their set, someone broke their back in the mosh pit
  3. It started as a banger, "Bad Things" and "Enough is Enough" are tops. "Silence" is good too. then they went more pop punk-esque later on, like their earlier material with "The Dead Days" and "Like it or Not". The album has a clearer/punchier production quality then previous releases so that helps a bit. I'd like to see them use the more aggressive background vocals for now on
  4. i'll wait for the 320 ! i hope this has some more sick riffage like the past two releases
  5. @nayrtrah ya he's a really nice dude. they're from scranton here in Pa., i met him @ an allentown show years back. He was standing in a corner with these giant headphones on jamming out/screaming at the wall pumping himself up to go on stage i guess lol
  6. I find both tracks above average. I think the majority of listeners came with their hopes way too high because they're a popular band. It sounds just like anything they've been doing, maybe just leaning a little more towards "DAD radio Rock" like Parkway Drive on the Brand New Numb single.
  7. @nayrtrah Manson was a big influence of the band. Half of the "Reincarnate" album was written with Tim Skold, former Manson guitarist
  8. oh cool. i love that til tuesday track, nothing like the 80's. i'll have to check it out
  9. The Deadlights were a better band in 2000. short lived-band, but had a pretty cool debut album for that time
  10. @crojo def not. he went to a poppy state of mind. He said BVB will prolly re-record "We Stitch These Wounds" for a 10th year anniversary this year, and maybe add some brand new tracks and covers to it.
  11. nice! i didn't realize it was getting released so soon, i havent heard a single yet. last album was badass
  12. the intro reminded me of Static-X "cannibal"
  13. Simple Creatures has their first live show. This was apparently the setlist: 1. DRUG 2. ADRENALINE 3. HOW TO LIVE 4. NVM 5. PERSONAL JESUS (DEPECHE MODE COVER) 6. ETHER 7. ONE LITTLE LIE 8. LUCY 9. STRANGE LOVE Which leave 1 cover song, and 2 other tracks never heard. i'm curious what they sound like
  14. was pretty disappointed after a 10 year wait. i think the epic video makes the song better than it is
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