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  1. The debut album was much better in my opinion. Also Troy's been a busy man, but i prefer the Killer Be Killed side project over this
  2. Holy Hell, didn't expect anything from them anytime soon. I'd assume this was a perk of quarantine downtime. thanks!
  3. This is great. does anyone remember when Chris Kattan, Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz made the skit with the first track on Saturday Night Live????
  4. @Greeley absolutely. they definitely have a sound that didn't age well. why does his voice sound much younger now?? He almost makes them sound like that band MAE from years back. These guys had some bangers back 15 years ago. i remember watching them at the Warped Tour, they were just a couple of real energetic surfer looking guys jumping around with Airwalk slides on
  5. I'm really diggin the album. i liked their last couple of ep's with the synth additions. Haven't really had much guitar driven stuff since "Zeitgeist" Alot of those old riffs like "Cherub Rock" and "Today" would be considered too common for the updated alternative rock scene. I saw a video recently that Corgan is kind of getting away with writing abstract riffs, as they are hard to play live. Although, i would love to hear updated re-recorded versions of stuff like "Zero" and "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
  6. If i remember correctly, i'm pretty sure the band gained exposure back in the day because of Paris Hilton being really good friends with one of the band members
  7. @BrickFace how can you not get into WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER ??
  8. knew the wait would be a disappointment in the end. they should have just created a double album since this was completed well over a year ago
  9. @Mötley Mörris Yes! It was on the tentative release calendar on here for at least 4 years prolly longer! So excited, the debut had so many cool riffs
  10. This album has a nice groove! A step up from the past 2 releases. i'm glad they strayed away from the poetic aspects/ interludes this time
  11. Not that great , we all loved System back in the day but i think its a sound that has come and gone. The "Genocide" track sounds pretty cool, i wouldn't mind hearing what kind of full length they could put together, but expectations for these guys are likely way too high for something to blow are minds like Toxicity did.
  12. I was hyped for a second. is this just an old track? It sounds comparable to stuff 10 years old
  13. great production. good all around sound as a band. I just hoped for some more differences from track to track. The singles "Shot in the dark' and "Demon Fire" along with "Code Red" are the standout tracks for me right now. Not bad for these guys pushing 70. Hope it's not the very last we hear from them. Love me some AC/DC!
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