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  1. also 3 bonus tracks to look forward to "ricochet" "nothing" and "bleeding through"
  2. great band, debut was awesome. these guys remind me of Death From Above 1979
  3. good stuff. sounds similar to early GOB
  4. Their tunes don't sound fun and catchy anymore. "caught in the middle" is probably the second best track and its cheesy
  5. i can hear the chants now as they take stage.. Lin.kin. Pop. ! Lin.kin. Pop ! Linkin Pop !
  6. LOL! why is anyone but chester on this new album, they dont use their instruments. why not do your own solo thing ??
  7. idk the bitrate is actually showing up as 320 on my program, i ain't complaining
  8. i may just have a good set of speakers then
  9. pretty good quality, are you sure this isnt 320???
  10. ya the dots in the folder title is preventing anything from extracting
  11. me too. i tried all zippy, nippy and omerta empty folders
  12. damn not me. i guess ill try nippy
  13. having trouble with the zippy folder, nothing came up?
  14. good stuff, guitarists of devildriver and god forbid. not usually into djent but this stuff uses lower tones
  15. the first single "what the night brings" was pretty good too