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  1. @ErkvtCvlt If you're female maybe @cabose369 Def. not because no one expecting it. Now that they're a know band expectations will be over the top. This album was at least MUCH better than that 2017 release!
  2. what is there like 3 unheard tracks at this point??? i'll give it a spin
  3. After a few spins I'm really really diggin this. "Dead Souls" is a good gothic style closer that is unusual for these guys. "My Destruction" has that nice "Blue Monday-esque drum fill" "Otsego Placebo" having that 'Jap metal industrial sound' ((can't think of the band right now))) These guys really put in some work at the studio. The original idea was to complete these tracks with guest vocalists (ie. Dez Fafara, Edsel Dope, etc) until they discovered more demos. I'm excited for Vol 2. I'm hoping these guys have such good feedback that they continue with filler vocalists (or one) on future material. calling it X-STATIC :)
  4. This turned out phenomenal! Brings me back to that 'Shadow Zone' sound (my fav. full length by Static) The production was so well done, even the tracks with muddier vocals "Otsego Placebo" "My Destruction" turned out great with the added effects. Excited for Vol. 2 ! Wayne Lives On
  5. @TreeInTheWind Your Sweet 666 was pretty heavy. I believe it was on one of the early Headbangers Ball compilations albums
  6. Not the best, but a step up from what Trust Company, Hoobastank, 12 Stones are doing these days. The previous album was actually pretty decent
  7. just off the top of my head the last couple of months TRIVIUM, FOUR YEAR STRONG and PALAYE ROYALE, pleasantly surprised with THE USED. The good thing is many of the releases got pushed back due to the pandemic. This 2nd half of 2020 should have some killer tunes awaiting!
  8. @Hail Stan i can't wait for the full album review
  9. I really enjoyed this track. This actually has good continuous flow and drum rhythm. No cheesey chorus like the previous EP
  10. i mean its an Ok song. it is really being overhyped by the crowd. whats with the Rihanna Ey Ey's ?? I don't mind that they don't go back to their deathcore sound but something agressive like "Sempiternal" would be cool to hear
  11. don't worry, they have been working on new stuff for quite some time already. they were in the middle of tracking hings back in October the last i read
  12. 100% positive this is Kill The Lights?? They haven't teased anything on Instagram. Very thrashy. maybe it was a big influence of the Threat Signal member. Lamb Of God's "Laid To Rest" riff right from the start
  13. my god, The Ataris was one of my GO-to bands in the early 2000's. When i burned a CD back in the day, they always had good tunes to put on the disc LOL. After the line up changes and "Welcome to the Night" album they fell off the earth. Everytime I hear "In This Diary" it still brings me back to those glory days!
  14. Craig Mabbitt put alot of weight on during quarantine in that video
  15. @Summers No argument from me
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