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  1. These guys are still pumping out awesome material, for some reason i thought they were supposed to call it quits about 6-7 years ago but i'm glad they stuck with it. This one seems to have less guitar driven tracks but they have their own unique sound and find ways to keep churning out quality stuff. That "Blue" album from 20 years ago is still the best and holds up well to this day
  2. @DisturbedOne If you search Youtube "Black Feathers" and "Through The Flames" are on it
  3. Very garage rocky sounding. Sounds more like the White Stripes. This style fits Billy's other projects more (The Network, Foxboro Hot tubs, The Longshot) than Green Day. Bad idea, better than the first single but this has 60's British invasion vibes written all over it. WTF
  4. holy hell, this album is amazing. I'll be spinning this one for a good while. Their sound changed so much and it actually improved big time! I think this is what Suicide Silence tried to pull off with their last abomination with new sound structures/ vocal changes/ production etc. I predict this being one of my year's top 10 easily
  5. probably their best album all the way through on first listen. Some cool riffs especially in the first couple tracks. Only didn't care for "White Flag" or "Heaven" very much.
  6. what about The Dead Rabbitts " Dead By Daylight" on Oct. 25th
  7. i saw these guys with Allister and Mest at a small venue like 13 years ago
  8. @MrPreApocalypse It's on Youtube. Definitely sounds like a filler track. but it's pretty upbeat
  9. I must say this album really grew on me. "Heaven", " Pin the Grenade" ,"Black Rain", and "No Heart to Speak Of" are great catchy tracks. Skiba's vocals are extremely heavy in the track. Brings me back when i was shocked with the heaviness of "Stay Together or The Kids". Even the goth like vibes of "On Some Emo Shit" are pretty cool. I'm curious to hear the ep they've been working on with guest artists like pharrell of NERD coming out within the next couple months. Also what they could do in the future when Tom decides to join in on the fun. Would they keep all three vocalists??? Time will tell
  10. i'm digging their new sound. There last aggressive sounding stuff i liked was the "Zombie" ep
  11. I didn't even expect an album out soo soon already. It's an above average listen for the genre. I prefer this guy over the old singer actually.
  12. Was expecting alot more since the last two albums were above average. "Bury You" is a pretty good track, but i think their sound will heavily change again for the third time since Vinnie is gone. I Hope something comes out of the upcoming Mudvayne 20th anniversary talk instead for the future
  13. never heard of In Motive, but No Motive was an awesome band in the early 2000's
  14. @SavageWraith there was an article where Buddy said he wanted to take out "immature words" like "Whore" in the Handguns track, "Bitch" out of Bastard Son
  15. "Free Fall Without A Parachute" was the song that got me into Senses Fail 17 years ago. I prefer the "crappy" 2002 recordings of these songs better. It's just how i want to remember the songs and they had much more emotion to them in my opinion. That was my sophomore year in high school when i heard the Senses Fail and A Static Lullaby ep's. but A Static Lullaby flamed out big time lol
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