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  1. Cool Stuff. Definitely no where near as generic as the past 2-3 full lengths. I felt they had alot of Pro Tools like background fillers on them. I can hear alot of old Chevelle in these songs! "The Victim" is really good on first listen and "Only Fight" sounds like American Head Charge
  2. hope its better there the last 3 releases in total.. you guys give me high expectations for this one! I try not to listen to metal and give an accurate opinion unless its 320 quality
  3. this is great THANKS! I didn't know they had a new one on the way. Their entire discography is well above average, they never do anything new but i love it!
  4. I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I didn't really care for him with the Simple Creatures project. but damn! this is really good. pretty catchy stuff ! and every song has its own sound. not the same ol' pop punk cookie cutter
  5. Awesome, i could never get into Full Albums from these guys. but they always have 3-5 awesome tracks. Hearing this makes me miss bands like Daath
  6. Heafy played God in this one. love how the new drummer has been vibing with this band, impressive stuff!
  7. is there words on any of these tracks? Or should i save on the downloads
  8. how can i forget IT DIES TODAY. that one new song in 2014 was such a tease
  9. @Kapital Yes Sir, All Shall Perish absolutely! Now i wouldn't throw Greeley Estates on this list because they had a nice EP released in 2017. From First To Last had 2 new songs with Sonny in the past two years so that's iffy
  10. cool. i wish Ville would find a good backing band. I remember after "Wings of a Butterfly" was such a huge radio hit that they basically recycled the same riff but tried to disguise it on the next album with the "Passion's Killing Floor" single. HIM was one of the best bands to combine a heavy sound with mellow vocals at the same time. i would love to hear him with some type of Industrial sounding project
  11. Abandon All Ships The Bled Hell Is For Heroes Matchbook Romance From Autumn To Ashes Burden Of A Day Corpus Christi Evergreen Terrace Pressure 4/5 Schoolyard Heroes A Change Of Pace Love Hate Hero Kill Hannah No Bragging Rights Pillar The Ataris Van Atta High
  12. @jcary88 ya, your about 10 years too late now
  13. @Frak The Gods yaa! i remember watching them play on Warped Tour maybe around 2008 or so when they were on the small stage with about 30 people watching. First ep and first 3 albums were pretty cool with Maria doing extremely heavy vocals and her husband doing lead guitar, then they released the mainstream album "Blood" and everything turned into more of a live visual thing for the band (or what's left) Alot of these songs they make now are just quick generic auto sampling and Maria trying to sing like some sort of diva now
  14. This is absolutely terrible! What's with them doing all these cover songs on the last few albums? Then they open this album with a Steve Miller Band cover (wow what a banger) lol... I'll consider "A Star Crossed Wasteland" the last In This Moment album. After all the member swaps, they got all artsy and turned it into a Maria Brink solo project basically
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