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  1. their debut Worldwide Controversy had some great heavier tracks. they def. went with alot more commercial sound on these last two lp's. thanks for posting
  2. check out the current vocalist (Bobby Amaru) old project, if you havent heard of it (Amaru) they had some solid mellow tracks. might be hard to find now, they were popular in Myspace and Purevolume days.
  3. the deluxe edition is out there with " money on straight " track and two other "The Man" mixes
  4. ya def. hillbilly rock like TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, i was expecting it to be alot cheesier than it actually is. some decent tracks. Although the best track of theirs is still "Bury The Hatchet" which has the Pantera vibes.
  5. starts off a bit too djenty , but from the 2nd verse on it rips me to shreds
  6. lol, Motionless in white used Tim Skold to produce "infamous". Tim Skold has been in industrial projects for 25 years now. He was the guitarist for three of Manson's albums after John5 left. Have you been hiding under a rock???
  7. good song, sounds like it would fit on BMTH "sempiternal" album
  8. You came thru again. Kingdom Leaks is here to stay!!
  9. haha i know. how can they have this band name. all i'm thinkin is "Mary Moon" new age girl
  10. ya Great White Whale was a great album. XoXoXo was the track that got me into them.
  11. Six diff. ways sounds familiar. thanx it went good with the film's 80's feel
  12. what was The Cure song that played half way through the movie when they were cleaning up the house ??
  13. album was initially finished for last february under Say10 album title, then he wrote three more tracks 'Revelation #12', 'Heaven Upside Down' or 'Saturnalia' . that go along with the story of the album
  14. you can listen to it on a bunch of music news sites, including youtube for now. download it from here, when you get home
  15. Background instrumentals remind me of BLEEDING THROUGH. The album release date is Oct. 27th. Alot of big releases that week