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  1. Good stuff! Anyone else think of Wes Borland when they hear the "Error" riffing??
  2. i think this is the 3rd song released with the new vocalist in the past 2 years or so. All pretty solid so far
  3. hope there's more solid tracks like this on the actual album. i thought there were terrible choices for first singles
  4. LOL. at first, i thought this was the long awaited Gravity Kills album
  5. I really miss the old RELIENT K ! Anything "Mhmm" and before. Too many lineup changes over the recent years
  6. @MechanicalAnimal I consider two of those tracks as Interludes. but agree, GREAT Stuff throughout!
  7. GREAT Album! These guys keep putting out good material whether its melodic or heavier sounding. "Waiting" has such a good chorus!
  8. Actually a decent listen to pass the time. The singer has just an average Karaoke dude type voice. But Fieldy from KORN and the drummer of P.O.D. bring some talent to the band.
  9. Cool. I was expecting the band to fall off a cliff when they started going through extensive band member changes over the years. But the last two albums are some of my favorite, Alexia keeps this band going strong !
  10. @Venomborn Darker Side of Nonsense was one of the first albums that really got me into metal. That album was so ahead of its time, cool riffs and tons of energy! Good to hear new stuff. but i read a good year ago they prolly won't release a full length... just new singles every once in a while
  11. I like the new sound. Its a fun listen. Reminds me of the band SKIP THE FOREPLAY that released a similar sounding album back in 2012
  12. Wouldn't "Paint You With My Blood" been more Manson fitting?
  13. I like it but they really did NOTHING different with the song. Aren't covers meant for bands to add their own sound to it??
  14. actually a fun listen. Didn't expect a cover of The Go Go's on here lol. ya think they would keep the song face paced like the original, otherwise it doesn't "Have the beat"
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