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  1. two bonus tracks out there. 1. Generation 2. Straight To Hell
  2. @Physyadelic it has that more industrial guitar sound. more like David Draiman's former project Device.
  3. idk... they've gotten too thrashy and speed medal. i'm more of a "Stabbing The Drama" era type, when they actually had more simple catchy riffs. I feel like they are trying to over due everything now and they sound like Dimmu Borgir (aside from the vocals)
  4. Man this is sooo disappointing. they acted like they put alot of effort into it, and this is the final result? With 8 tracks total of this quality and the previous single? .. Anything Mudvayne and Skrape put together was way superior than this, and i'm talking a good 15+ years ago!
  5. Better than the last two albums for sure. Some cheese-filled moments, but good production and glad they brought back chorus to this album. Really liked "Nothing will ever change" and "Paper Castle" on first listen.
  6. This was my favorite album of the week, glad you guys posted it for others to hear
  7. @Smickey and here i was, thinking it would just be the one new track. they already said it was all the previous black ops material
  8. it's their best material in 4 albums or so, but i agree.. it is way short. would've liked to hear more
  9. this is the best overall album i've heard in a while. Been going strong on my rotation since it leaked!
  10. ughh HUGE LETDOWN for me. i got back into these guys with the sound of the last album, but this just seems like it was just one recorded jam session together. both production wise and song structure. Let's face it, the true Thrice was born in 1999 and died in 2005.
  11. ya i love "In Our Wake". Brandon' can really wail on those vocals. this album has better production so far also
  12. interesting change of direction in their sound. they pulled off new electronic elements better than Bullet for my Valentine did
  13. Since this is a cover's ep, here's some more info since their are lesser known bands. 1. Happy Diving- Ten 2. Santigold- This Is Not Our Parade 3. Tim Buckley- Song Of The Siren 4.Chastity Belt- Joke 5.Queens of the Stone Age- In The Fade 6. Bon Iver- Blood Bank 7. Babyshambles- Fuck Forever
  14. sounds more like a B-side to his more industrial Device project. not the best way to hype up an upcoming album in my opinion
  15. is this the opening track on the album, that they said it was to be more Industrial sounding?? i was hoping that track had deep guitar tones to it