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  1. ever since the "With Teeth" album , the lineup went downhill into a different direction. That's what i think has prevented them from being Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame inductees the last few years also. As for this album, "Shit Mirror" would've been really good with decent drums instead of added electronic beats and claps.
  2. very good stuff .. reminds me of early Evans Blue
  3. good to hear their grunge sound back. they supposedly have an ep coming out sometime shortly
  4. Wow this is good. i felt their past releases had about 3-4 good tracks per album. but this one takes the cake.
  5. This rips. was there somewhere confirming the members??
  6. I find the choice to use "God Hates Us" in this extremely odd. It isn't even one of their top 40 songs. I guess no one wanted to tackle the 8 and a half minute "The Stage" track . I wouldve liked to hear "Beast and the Harlot" or "Nightmare"
  7. Generation RX album due out September 14th
  8. @Dwesk does anyone know "Head over Heels" is a Tears For Fears cover?? . Now THAT was a good 80's band!
  9. "Declaration" and "The Truth" are still their top albums for me. Some really good stuff on here though, def. beats Eighteen Visions return album.. I guess the next Orange County band to look forward to this year is Atreyu
  10. unfortunately, the best singles were already released
  11. really good catchy stuff. if your a fan of Chrvches, i suggest you listen to The Birthday Massacre. very similar sound with grungy guitars