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  1. @Draxcazel Ep coming October 25th. Full length out next year
  2. the more i listen to this album, the more i realize how bad it is just over their entire discography. Adam's riffs are just so similar and predictable. i really only cared for about 4 songs. i think they should just go back to their old palm muted style riffings and maybe bring back Howard to re-energize these guys again. Def. one of their bottom 2-3 albums
  3. sux that most of these b-sides were already heard
  4. always had a thing for this album. the only one i liked from them
  5. idk i think the riffs and song structures seem to be staying too similar to past records. my favorite tracks were the melodic ones like "I Can't Be The Only One". "Take Control" although i really liked "Unleashed". maybe i'm looking more forward to the next Times Of Grace release. I thought Light The Torch was one of the best metal albums last year to be honest. every song had a different sound
  6. which tracks are new?? just the acoustics and remix?
  7. Also one of my child hood favorites. Great to hear their unique sound mesh so well, was hooked to them ever since i bought the "Exile in Oblivion" album years ago
  8. at first i was like. cool. a surprise Miss May I ep
  9. Great Album, but not AOTY material. I actually preferred Northlane just this week alone..
  10. def. blew my expectations away. good stuff
  11. @desk the past 2 albums had generic production too. it's a shame, they used to be pretty good
  12. @Ludes i agree. this is the most fun full-length worth of material they've had in the past 4 albums. But before they changed the line-up, all of their earlier material ripped with fast paced riffs and long, complicated guitar solos
  13. holy hell, they are being so cheesy with these songs. Almost everything they make anymore blends in with the next song they make... It seems like they create a corny song title that "gives hope and is uplifting" then they create the whole song around the song name
  14. If you're a fan of this, i suggest checking out LAGWAGON'S new single "Bubble", they will also be releasing new material
  15. "Stitches" was always there best track for me :) i'm going back like 15 years lol.. good to see them back at it
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