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  1. Nice! A step up from their last few releases. The last album was short and only had 2 or 3 good tracks, at least with this one. the songs have faster tempo
  2. I only liked the single from this one.. it seems all over the place
  3. did they just consider PS. I Miss You "featuring Blink 182" because they stole the same Blink 182 verse structure as "I Miss You" ???? I know the 3 second Travis Barker drum roll didn't do too much for the track. I guess just an easier way to pay out the royalties without getting sued
  4. Very Passive for a Blink song. Skiba didn't do any help for this track. I'd much rather the "It's Christmas Time Again" track with Tom back in the day, and even "Boxing Day" from the Dogs Eating Dogs album
  5. Wow, This is surprising. this track would fit in with the Lies for the Liars and Artwork albums. They just changed so many band members over the years my expectations were pretty low. I like the heavy side but i loved the mellower dark tracks like In Love And Death album
  6. I'm glad they came out with some new material, but the more i listen.. those gang vocals are more annoying. I can see a little of hanging around and previously recording with Feldmann rubbed off on em
  7. Not bad, but we probably will only get 1 or 2 more new tracks. Considering they've been busy just re-recording their debut album i believe and stashing this on it as a deluxe
  8. They really caught time in a bottle with "Bring Me To Life". The sound alone was something new at the time and it had good production quality. If you look at the rest of the albums that followed only "What You Want" was a pretty cool track> "Sweet Sacrifice" has not aged well at all, and "Call Me When You're Sober" was only a radio hit at the time when Amy Lee was a new thing. She is better off as a back up/ guest vocalist as her most popular songs were "Broken" when she was dating the Seether guy and "Bring Me To Life" with the 12 Stones vocalist.
  9. wow, i really don't care for them anymore. Last 4 years were meh...Cool breakdown though that was a neat 12 seconds
  10. @Dancing in the Dust love this track. another song this Friday coming
  11. I can get down with an album like this. Closest thing to All Shall Perish we've had in a while
  12. Kiss the Bottle sounds like it could be on an early GOB album
  13. When i saw that photo of Ben, Lacey, and Scooter in the studio. I was hoping it was for the whole new band project Ben and Lacey were talking about https://metalanarchy.com/2019/10/13/lacey-sturm-ex-flyleaf-confirms-that-her-and-benjamin-burnley-breaking-benjamin-are-talking-about-starting-a-new-band/
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