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  1. Bad Wolves - False Flags Volume One (2018)

    ya they had two heavy hitting singles before the "zombie" cover. You must be one of those radio listeners..
  2. Caliban - Ich Blute Für Dich [Single] (2018)

    wtf is this? german Dream Theatre
  3. Bad Wolves - False Flags Volume One (2018)

    they have former members of Devildriver, God Forbid, and Divine Heresy. i'd never suspect basic radio rock
  4. Bad Wolves - False Flags Volume One (2018)

    ya this is a surprise release?? they're prolly sick of playing live shows with 2 originals fans can sing along too.. "Toast to the ghost" and "Learn to live"
  5. Breaking Benjamin - Psycho [Single] (2018)

    Ben can do no wrong. Improvement over the last two albums.. def. the best work put out with the all new supporting members
  6. Islander - I Want Sushi [Single] (2018)

    damn, i'm hoping this is a one-off track. is it actually a single for upcoming album?? i see they have all new members now besides the vocalist.. I loved the first two albums> Long live Coconut Dracula <<
  7. The Home Team - Fashion Forward (Single) (2018)

    sounds good. it does sound alot like Brendon Urie mixed with a short-lived band called The White Tie Affair
  8. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    interesting. sounds like Kill Hannah
  9. Parkway Drive - The Void (Single) (2018)

    i gotta admit the lead guitarist Jeff does everything well, with all the changes they've been coming up with. I feel like they are going the direction of Volbeat, with long drawn out groove metal.
  10. Three Days Grace - Outsider (2018)

    "The New Real" has a nice riff. shoulda been the album opener
  11. Ministry - AmeriKKKant (2018)

    the album intro was the best part
  12. Shinedown - Devil (Single) (2018)

    ya they've been stepping it up from The Sound of Madness on... i've really been digging these guys lately, looking forward to this one
  13. most likely 7 unheard. "Let Me Be" looks to be an updated version of the last album's track
  14. i like the change of pace in this one. but where's the full track balls to wall Caliban we all love..
  15. Godsmack - Bulletproof [Single] (2018)

    that was one long ass comment.