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  1. some great stuff on this. "Fight", "Letting Go", and "Come And Get Me" sound like something i'd expect Crossbreed to sound like these days, if they were still a band
  2. Kill The Lights is releasing "watch you fall" single in the morning. according to instagram
  3. reminds me of Cheap Trick's "That 70's show" theme song. "We're All Alright"
  4. unfortunately, ALOT of fillers again .. other than the singles. Theire first ep's and debut Lp are still tops
  5. cool. never got into the Toto cover, but i liked the Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, and ELO covers the most. I Think they should've used a guitar for the main riff in "Take on Me' ( i guess Reel Big Fish still has the best cover of this song). and i just couldn't listen to "No Scrubs" without him at least changing the word "Guy" to "Girl".
  6. hopefully there are 'little to no interludes' on this one. loved their first full lengths, but those fillers have been taking away lately
  7. I thought this was Frank Iero's new project at first lol. i was thinkin this was pretty cool
  8. Breaking Benjamin, Alkaline Trio and Don Broco for sure. Great FULL albums. the only reason Ice Nine Kills is up there, because it's a more recent listen. It's a very cheesy, generic album to me. Will be forgotten over time
  9. They do the same thing over and over.. and 20 years later it STILL works! Their sound NEVER gets old, i dig it!
  10. @AMNESIK i remember vaguely. but i think they said heavier in meaning but not necessarily sound. Also, they said 'wonderful life' was the heaviest guitar sounding track. And i'm pretty sure Wes Borland wrote that riff when they jammed together
  11. this is the equivalent of a late 90's Sugar Ray song
  12. Ya, they recently said this will be 1 of the 2 albums they will be releasing this year. Remember, they went back in the studio to record those 3 extra tracks awhile back?? So they have at least 13 tracks.. i'm assuming the 2nd album will be more of an ep though.
  13. 1. Breaking Benjamin- Ember 2. Shinedown- Attention Attention 3. Alkaline Trio- Is This Thing Cursed 4. Eyes Set To Kill- Self Titled 5. Sevendust- All I See Is War 6. Alice In Chains- Rainier Fog 7. Don Broco- Technology 8. Three Days Grace- Outsider 9. Light The Torch- Revival 10. Bad Wolves- Disobey These are off the top of my head. i'm sure i'm missing a few Disappointing Releases this Year. Avatar, Black Veil Brides, Otep,30 Seconds To Mars, Escape The Fate, Caliban, A Perfect Circle, Bullet For My Valentine
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