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  1. Blink 182 may be releasing a christmas track..... two weeks ago Trav Barker teased on instagram, he was recording christmas tunes with john feldman in the studio
  2. they keep pumpin out new albums. i like the direction this one went in, even though "worldwide controversy" had some nice guitar driven sounds and more aggressive vocals. The production sounds better in this, than the last two releases also.
  3. @NecRose the funny thing is.. Ray Toro was a guest on the 2nd track, i think he did the flute instead of a guitar though lol
  4. I liked this one, i wish there was more new material on it. The other new track will be called "A Song For Dan", the title alone seems like it will be an acoustic,
  5. @emofgt i don't like his "poetic" stuff either. alot of their albums have that filler shit with interludes. the best thing they did was their first ep
  6. @coachlow It's really not THAT short, considering it is Vol.1...... Corgan already said Vol. 2 will be out sometime next year. I liked 2 or 3 tracks, let's hope the second half is a bit better
  7. they released the track listing recently. 1. The Ending 2. Renegade Music 3. Not The Only One 4. Who Do You Trust? 5. Elevate 6. Come Around 7. Feel Like Home 8. Problems 9. Top Of The World 10. I Suffer Well 11. Maniac 12. Better Than Life
  8. @manoverboard679 exactly. but i've only found a handful of good tracks on their last 4 albums combined
  9. It's just odd these guys cannot create 2-3 Great songs on every album. These guys were huge in the early 2000's. "Satellites" was a killer album, ... the 2 albums after that were solid. Not to mention numerous movie soundtracks they were on ... i.e (Grind 2003) I'd say the producer Howard Benson had alot to do with their most successful albums throughout the years. I guess they will never find time in a bottle again, the sound they have peaked out 15 years ago and they can't write catchy riffs any more.
  10. awesome! only 2 throw away tracks for me
  11. @Smash_Adams this is def. one of their weakest. maybe 2-3 keepers
  12. @nineball4444 i think Vext, Snot, Westfield, and Divinie Heresy
  13. @nineball4444 it was one of the Bad Wolves singers' previous bands, before he left.
  14. @Hellion6 ya, he just released an interview the other day about it. they were originally gonna release in October. but they are pushing it to a next summer release. It's about 70% complete according to it https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/10/john-cooper-fight-the-fury-skillet-interview-2018/
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