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  1. All I can say is... Wow. Very nice. Thank you LK.
  2. I voted for ETID, so I'm happy with that. I think Architects new one was alright, but it's definitely overrated. Same with DGD. Instant Gratification was one of my top 3 from last year, and I was anticipating Mothership just as much as anyone, but I felt it fell flat overall. A few songs, like 'Deception,' 'Inspire the Liars,' 'Here Comes the Winner,' and 'Betrayed by the Game' were fire, but the rest...not so much. Anyways, I'd give the list a 5/7.
  3. Here goes: 1. Every Time I Die - Low Teens 2. Blink 182 - California 3. Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn (Technically released at the tail end of 2015, too late for many "best of" lists) 4. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool 5. Norma Jean - Polar Similar 6. Oathbreaker - Rheia 7. Old Gray - Slow Burn (another December release that I think will get lost in the shuffle) 8. Real Friends - The Home Inside My Head 9. Hail the Sun - Culture Scars 10. Gojira - Magma
  4. I remember reading your review of DGD, I thought it was good. The other reviewers/commenters are a bunch of dick riders.
  5. The Hotelier, by a mile. After "Home, like noplace is there," (my AOTY for 2014), "Goodness" was just...blah. ADTR was not as huge of a disappointment for me as it seems to be for others, but I can see it. I didn't have high hopes for Beartooth, so I wasn't let down. Kanye's 'the Life of Pablo' was too long, would have been better if half the songs had been shelved. Drakes album was trash, too much hype. Every Time I Die and Dance Gavin Dance are similar in that their last albums were both their best in a while, but their releases this year just didn't live up to my expectations (both are still pretty good though). And lastly, the Fall of Troy. I was a huge fan back in the day, and was ridiculously excited by their reunion album. Barely got through it.
  6. sounds like the recent US election
  7. yes! been eagerly awaiting for this, great so far. as far as the album cover, who cares? old nudity is whatever, it's definitely the sites option to censor it if they want. focus on the music!
  8. AOTY...if 'in rainbows' was inspired by falling in love, this album was inspired by the breakup. so good!