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  1. Arguably their best 2 songs as well
  2. Being a "heavy" metalcore fan heavy = good most of the time for me especially the songs without cleans which is why i became such a fan of Wage War because Blueprints had 3-4 songs no cleans Deadweight had 3 songs no cleans but also the songs weren't just intro > verse > chorus > verse > chorus > bridge > breakdown > chorus which i feel like most of these songs on this album are This album definitely has the best production out of the 3 but i miss the BLEGHS EDIT: just saw i still have Wage War listed as my favourite artist - might be time to update that
  3. Sooooooooo disappointed about the heavy teaser song not being on this at all
  4. I know, i'm really hoping for it as a bonus track or something
  5. Not bad - i just hope that "Vultures" song is on the album
  6. SOOO much better than the last single Wont Back Down
  7. As a massive fan of the cubes EP and songs like matrix and hades off the last album, i was looking forward to this but am quite disappointed only really liking hatred, omega and six feet under
  8. I think the opposite, i think it's one of my favourites if not favourite from them - love the new vocalist
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