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  1. Hate the band name. Hate the album artwork..but holy shit! this album is immense
  2. I like it but if I didn't know it was them I think I'd have assumed this was SECRETS. Kinda still missing KC Simonsen though. They were so unique sounding with their duel vocals then IMO.
  3. I think a lot of people are looking at this album and hoping it's going to be another Blurryface. It definitely isn't. Personally I think this album, in large part, is very reminiscent of their self titled, debut album. Can see a lot of "fans" being disappointed by that because they've probably never heard that album but for me, I'm enjoying it. Old school TOP with a modern twist
  4. Personally pretty disappointed with this one especially after how much I enjoyed their previous releases. Maybe it'll be a grower but can't help feeling that their sound is just a bit flat now without the uncleans
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