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  1. Struggle to see how anyone can call it a "bad" song but it is definitely unexpected as an Architects song. It does sound very similar to recent BMTH. I like recent BMTH but it isn't what I particularly want from an Architects album. I don't mind it as a single but I would think it a huge shame if the whole new album was like this song and I think they would lose a lot of their fanbase (though probably gain more through radio airtime) but I guess we'll see
  2. Been waiting for this since they played it during Isolation Assembly and then took it down. Love it
  3. I wouldn't have been able to guess that this was Outline In Color if I'd had 50 attempts at it. Used to be you could recognise their songs, whether it was a cover or not, almost instantly, this is barely even the same band anymore.
  4. This album is fantastic. I'm sure there'll always be a Johnny vs Matt debate about this band like there is with every other band that's kicked him out to date. Johnny has a fantastic voice for sure but take nothing at all away from the vocal performance on this album because it is absolutely sublime from start to finish. I also prefer the songs overall to their previous releases, I think they've really developed and found their sound and pulled it off perfectly. I think this is a really strong release and I hope that it gives them enough exposure so that they can survive their imminent name change as bands can get lost during that transition.
  5. This is exactly what I wanted from them on the back of Ludens. It's not their old stuff, they're never going to go back to that. I don't think Oli's voice could even if they wanted to. However IMO it's way more exciting than most of the content on recent albums. Thumbs up from me.
  6. Pretty good song to introduce your new vocalist with. Very catchy and brings some serious energy
  7. I haven't been able to enjoy anything the've put out since K.C left. With him on vocals you instantly knew it was OIC you were listening to but with the new (old) guy, I just think they sound very forgettable
  8. Damn, was hoping for a new single based on the recent social media teases. Not really interested in a remix of 18 month old songs, plus I don't even think it's a particularly interesting remix at that.
  9. Thanks for the leak. Can't say I'm disappointed...I had no expectations to begin with on this album. After my 1st listen it's 15 almost identical songs; "Heavy" intro Bland Danny pop verse Cheesy Dad Rock, stadium chorus Verse Chorus A predictable bridge And back to that "epic" chorus I have no problem with bands adapting their sound but these guys have been false as fuck about the reasons why and there's absolutely nothing inspired about their new sound. They've aimed for generic and smashed it out of the park.
  10. Had too much of a "SWS Tribute" sound to it for me. This new album is much further removed from that for me and I much prefer that.
  11. This album is ace. Not a fan of their older material but have enjoyed each single released from this album and upon listening to the full release, I am really pleased to see the same quality and high standard is maintained throughout.
  12. I'm actually quite enjoying it though I was hoping for a bit more based on the singles. I appreciate what they've done with Elegy for Extinction but I don't think it fits at all in the album and certainly not in the spot it's in. I'd give it an 8/10 overall. I was hoping it would be an AOTY contender but not sure it's quite up there.
  13. like your wife more than your friends? Oh and this song blows
  14. Not a bad comparison, but I have never wanted ADTR to sound like FOB though
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