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  1. @MoondustBaggins It's on iTunes. IMO this is the most exciting thing they've put out since Let's Cheers To This
  2. My favourite of the new singles, it's new and a bit more experimental. First 4 songs from this album are probably my favourite CTE songs to date so I'm actually looking forward to this next album, which isn't something I was anticipating. Would prefer it to be in the 12 track region though rather than 9 songs and an intro
  3. Enjoyed this. Nothing spectacular or ground breaking but catchy and just good fun
  4. You just named 9 songs out of 12 + an interlude as your favourite
  5. Couldn't have summed it up better myself
  6. Will give it a listen but disappointing to see the first 20% of an album in 2019 comprising of 2 singles that came out over 2 years ago
  7. Ahh man, this is bland. Proper disappointed. The prospect of OIC without KC was never something that got me excited but still hoped for more than this
  8. This band are going to blow up with this release. Really enjoyed the EP so was already a big fan and they were ace live but this, this is the shit in my opinion. Literally everything I could have hoped it would be. Early days of course but it's going to take something special to beat this to the AOTY spot for me at this rate.
  9. Hate the band name. Hate the album artwork..but holy shit! this album is immense
  10. I like it but if I didn't know it was them I think I'd have assumed this was SECRETS. Kinda still missing KC Simonsen though. They were so unique sounding with their duel vocals then IMO.
  11. I think a lot of people are looking at this album and hoping it's going to be another Blurryface. It definitely isn't. Personally I think this album, in large part, is very reminiscent of their self titled, debut album. Can see a lot of "fans" being disappointed by that because they've probably never heard that album but for me, I'm enjoying it. Old school TOP with a modern twist
  12. Personally pretty disappointed with this one especially after how much I enjoyed their previous releases. Maybe it'll be a grower but can't help feeling that their sound is just a bit flat now without the uncleans
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