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  1. She is good pop artists. She is not a good rapper.
  2. This is just the first of FIVE Pedro The Lion albums that Dave Bazan plans to release over the next five years. Each one based on a city he lived in over his life. He's already writing the next album. As far as this album goes, I love it. I know it's early in the year, but I anticipate this still being very near the top of my favorite albums of 2019.
  3. Oh wow. This band must be so br00000tal. *jerkoff motion*
  4. Albums of The Year 1. Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive 2. Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz 3. The Dirty Nil – Master Volume 4. boygenius - boygenius 5. Culture Abuse – Bay Dream 6. The Longshot – Love Is For Losers 7. Tony Molina – Kill The Lights 8. J. Mascis – Elastic Days 9. The Sidekicks – Happiness Hours 10. Shook Ones – Body Feel 11. Robot Bachelor - The Second Third House Boat Album 12. The Raging Nathans – Cheap Fame 13. Smoking Popes – Into The Agony 14. Shannon & The Clams – Onion 15. THE HIRS COLLECTIVE - FRIENDS. LOVERS. FAVORITES. 16. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer 17. Mount Eerie – Now Only 18. Bad Moves -Tell No One 19. Camp Cope - How to Socialise & Make Friends 20. The Interrupters – Fight The Good Fight Favorite Songs: Waxahatchee – Takes So Much Timeshares – Pull The Stars Down boygenius – Stay Down The Shins – Cherry Hearts (Flipped) Spanish Love Songs – Sequels, Remakes, & Adaptations The Dirty Nil – I Don’t Want That Phone Call Smoking Popes – Someday I’ll Smile Again Culture Abuse – Dip Superchunk – Erasure Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel And nobody asked but here are my favorite shows I attended this year:
  5. Hell yeah. Band rules. Can't wait to hear this album.
  6. Black Thought doesn't get enough credit for being one of the all time great rappers.
  7. Fuuuuuuuck yes. The singles from this have been phenomenal.
  8. I love The Lawrence Arms and The Falcon, but I cannot get into BK's solo stuff.
  9. I've been waiting (impatiently) nine years for a new Shook Ones album. I'm so fucking stoked for this.
  10. This is so fucking good. Some of the songs on this sound like they could have come straight from the classic 90s Smoking Popes albums.
  11. This is a very important band and I'm so glad they've been touring with bigger bands lately. I want everybody to listen to Worriers.
  12. I dig this band. They're very fun. I've seen them a few times this year and they're super energetic live. Catch one of their shows if you get a chance.
  13. Listen, I don't ever expect another Blue or Pinkerton. I'm fine with that. I thought the White album was very good. They're obviously free to make whatever ever they want (and god knows they do), I just cannot get behind this kind of trash. Also, this song has the worst use of Spanish in a rock song since U2's "Vertigo".
  14. Jesus christ, Rivers. What the fuck are you doing? I KNOW you can write good songs and you're actively choosing not to.
  15. I was hoping for a feature but it's actually just a sample. Disappointing (although a modern Elton John feature has a decent chance of turning out pretty bad).
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