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  1. This ain't it chief. What a disappointing single after fighting so hard to keep their name. Let's hope it stays cursed this time.
  2. Granted you are right for the most part.. but you do know Christian is currently the vocalist for Villian of the Story, and does that side project Blind & Crossed, right?
  3. I'll tell Nic u were mean to me jk, ily
  4. Jokes on you, I ain't no stranger. Legit been on this site for years and had a few name but ye lmao nobody knows me
  5. Y'all acting like @SavageWraithis usually serious on this site lmao
  6. I've tried to get into Tool on many occasions and I just can't. Now while I do actually like the vocals in this song, the rest of it just feels real boring and drawn out to me. Oh well, I tried.
  7. This shit is so fresh, yet still unmistakably Slipknot. Heavy as fuck in all the right places, and they even mixed it up a little. I'm in love.
  8. I'll admit I really wasn't a fan of the singles at all, with the exception of Eclipse. But after listening to the album in full I can say it's pretty good. I'm really not a fan of the vocals though, being honest. Just sounds boring to me. More excited for the instrumental version rather than the actual version.
  9. This is definitely the most interesting single so far imo. Synths remind me of Combichrist, namely, sounds like something off of the DmC soundtrack. Which is not a bad thing.
  10. This is easily my favourite release this month. These guys never disappoint.
  11. I ain't even listened to this yet and I already know it's AOTY material.
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