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  1. I adore this single. Nice to have more from them again already.
  2. This is fucking phenomenal, fucking bravo, Crystal Lake. Blowing me away time and time again.
  3. This song is fucking phenomenal. Not what I expected, but great nonetheless. I am a sucker for good synths. And they were delivered here. Stoked to see what the future brings.
  4. Posts on this thread urging people to support TGI have proven otherwise. If it ain't that deep to you then move the fuck on and stop stirring the pot. Go invest time into something you do care about. Gtfoh.
  5. I don't give a damn about someone who romanticized drug use? Or someone who, up until a few months before he died was a shitty person? Who woulda guessed? The point is, you missed the point. Move on, leech.
  6. Ah yes, a currently living bands album leaking this early (releasing after so much fucking hardship, might I add.) isn't as bad as posthumous label cash grabs. TGI are around to feel the aftereffects. Those guys are not, and likely wouldn't of released those albums. Like I said, a lot of it is the label throwing unreleased material together to play off of the artist's notoriety and make a quick bit of cash.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Leaking this was a shitty decision. I can guarantee that 95% of people here will not support the band by picking anything up. And don't try to act like a spotify stream will cover as ACTUAL support. I don't even listen to this band but I can see how important of an album this is for them. Leaking it this early did nothing but hurt them. The respect for artists on this site is just gone. It has been for years. That's very clearly gone out the window. To all of the people stressing to support the artist: Thank you. I cannot stress how important it is to support something like this.
  8. This ain't it chief. What a disappointing single after fighting so hard to keep their name. Let's hope it stays cursed this time.
  9. Granted you are right for the most part.. but you do know Christian is currently the vocalist for Villian of the Story, and does that side project Blind & Crossed, right?
  10. I'll tell Nic u were mean to me jk, ily
  11. Jokes on you, I ain't no stranger. Legit been on this site for years and had a few name but ye lmao nobody knows me
  12. Y'all acting like @SavageWraithis usually serious on this site lmao
  13. I've tried to get into Tool on many occasions and I just can't. Now while I do actually like the vocals in this song, the rest of it just feels real boring and drawn out to me. Oh well, I tried.
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