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  1. I ain't even listened to this yet and I already know it's AOTY material.
  2. This held my interest longer than new Northlane. I'm sold. They really pulled out all the stops for this one, huh. I'm impressed.
  3. Good song, but nowhere near their potential.
  4. All this fuss over some vibrating air. You're all better than this.
  5. Well we finally got Re:Widow and I'm so happy. Mud and Necktie slap. VV is the fuckin boi
  6. Never believe anything until it's proven to be true. Tha's all I'm sayin'.
  7. This is gonna be basically all I jam in August. Hyped.
  8. Not a big fan of the vox on this track, I can kinda dig the instrumental though. Seems I'll be sleeping on this one, oh well.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this the entire way through.
  10. Easily my most anticipated release since the Homecoming EP. Amazing bunch of guys, don't forget to support 'em.
  11. Shaping up to be one of the best core releases of the year in my book.
  12. The fact that this and Misanthropic aren't the heaviest song on this EP excites me. Roll on May 30th.
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