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  1. It makes me sad that Dayshell don't get the recognition they deserve. Shay's voice was what made OM&M stand out to me so much. Great single. I really hope we get to hear more soonish. Though, if/when we get this album, and I hate to say it, but I feel like it could be Dayshell's last. Depending on how it does, of course.
  2. I will never not see "Hoggog" when looking at this artist's name
  3. @drownwithmatt is a real G, love ya dude. This shit is easily my AOTY.
  4. Absolutely loving this. Also saw Noah say on Twitter that this isn't the heaviest song on the album.. I'm hopeful to see how that is.
  5. I don't get Dance Gavin Dance at all. Never understood the hype.
  6. Loving the change in sound personally, it's about time. Looking forward to listening in full.
  7. It is the full release, I just no longer have any room on my phone for downloading lol
  8. Liked the two singles that I heard, loved the previous EP. Probably going to wait until it's released before I listen to it in full.
  9. I'm actually really excited for this album tbh.
  10. My girlfriend saw them play Red Clouds live, said Telle screamed pretty much the entire song. I'm not a fan of the studio version.
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