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  1. Cannot fucking wait to dig my teeth into this.
  2. I have yet to hear a Toof song I didn't enjoy. New stuff sounds surprisingly upbeat. My excitement for the album hasn't changed. 3 songs leaking so early is kinda wild tho lmao.
  3. This will be great live lmao. Good shit from Shomo yet again.
  4. It is the full release, I just no longer have any room on my phone for downloading lol
  5. Liked the two singles that I heard, loved the previous EP. Probably going to wait until it's released before I listen to it in full.
  6. Never really heard of these guys before, tried out the video attached. Good shit. Will definitely listen to this.
  7. I'm actually really excited for this album tbh.
  8. My girlfriend saw them play Red Clouds live, said Telle screamed pretty much the entire song. I'm not a fan of the studio version.
  9. Are the cleans in this similar to Red Clouds at all? They really turned me off of that song for some reason. Strange because I love Dark Matter.
  10. Yeah, he put out a statement when it first surfaced, that he was stepping back from Alpha Wolf. Then when he came out with a lengthy statement, he said he had left, and it was uncertain as to whether he would rejoin. He actually just told me he doesn't see himself rejoining so yeah.. Shit sucks, false allegations ruin the scene, and careers.
  11. Aidan left the band, unsure whether he's coming back. The girl that made the accusations apparantely went silent after all the initial drama. Hope he goes back to the band.