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  1. I miss the energy this band used to have. I’m sure it’s cool for other people and diehard ND fans but it’s not for me.
  2. I will support anything this man is apart of
  3. Had a full listen today and probably won’t be back to many times, maybe liked 3 more than what was released. Total bummer after such strong singles. If this is your thing though I’m stoked haha
  4. How many songs are instrumentals? Like 8? Listened to a few and was like where’s the energy from the singles?! Probably just tripping and will have to give it a few more listens.
  5. Someone re upload that shizzz it’s not working 😭
  6. I’m getting the happiness vibes too Jon sounds great! Only hear half the song since it keeps randomly starting over half way through 🙃
  7. I’m starting to like it better than hail the sun ?
  8. Yea I was hoping for a full length too but ayyyeee anytime we get more moths I’m about it!
  9. You talking absent sounds or EFBN? EFBN took some listens to grow on me too.
  10. Honestly tapping out didn’t do it for me but this was pretty chill.
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