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  1. Honestly tapping out didn’t do it for me but this was pretty chill.
  2. Haven’t listened yet but it’s 100
  3. That song with fever is genuinely terrible.
  4. My favorite was connector and after the first week or so of the latest release that became my favorite. Honestly think with each release they get better and better!
  5. It’s lit! By the way, anyone get the new version of sight? People are getting their orders but you know how it be with smaller bands. would love to hear the new recording!
  6. Bangers bro, Bradley Walden can do no wrong.
  7. In the dark and why you gotta kick me when I’m down are absolute bangers!
  8. I wanted more POV and were coming in. While this release is good it’s not my favorite . Maybe after more listens it will grow on next
  9. This is a fantastic single. This is one band that changes and I don’t mind. Also Bradley Walden is the man. Excited for this release!
  10. Excited to sink my teeth into this one!
  11. These guys always deliver this will be no exception!
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