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  1. Øjne - Prima Che Tutto Bruci (2017)

    i saw these guys live two years ago and it was one of the most powerful and amazing screamo bands I've ever witnessed
  2. lol this song is really bad, like the band was always lame
  3. neither boostfiles nor uberupload let me download it.They're doing like a refresh on their page and the dl never starts.
  4. Gnarwolves - Outsiders (2017)

    Amazing album.Gnarwolves became more mature and you can hear it in their sound.its like Apologies,I Have None meets The menzingers.Highly Recommended.
  5. none of the links is working guys.
  6. 2016 Best October Release

    vote for balloween
  7. Suffocate For Fuck Sake - In My Blood (2016)

    Most awaited reunion/album for me ever since these guys broke up.AOTY.dont miss this album
  8. Mac Lethal - Congratulations (iTunes) (2016)

    Really thanx!!!!been waiting for this one
  9. Norma Jean - Polar Similar (2016)

    every link is down.typical norma jean