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  1. Won't this be like, single 7? Anyone know what the deal is here, is everything coming out from the album prior to release?
  2. Really enjoyed the YT track - the pre-breakdown "live" schtick was a bit gross though - hopefully not much more of that tacky stuff on the full release
  3. Urgh - while it was cooling coming across this again and being reminded of that EP, it's so annoying listening to albums where you know half the songs well and the other not at all...
  4. Why the re-release of this song, off their old EP?
  5. Yeah I've only recently got into the band - smashed Playground a load and loved the singles since; has there been anything said about this single as seems a bit out of place?
  6. I will listen to anything ft. anyone to do with Dwellings, so I’m in
  7. This is cool, not heard of em before cheers!
  8. Another sick one from these guys!
  9. Single was dece, so looking forward to this. For anyone interested;
  10. Wild, this is interesting as fuck, never listened to them before but been around a while
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