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  1. Yeeeeee, last album was mad underrated
  2. Fellas are so good, pretty damn unique
  3. Can't wait for HQ! Tix to see at end of the month too
  4. Yes, I had no idea this was coming thanks! Love them so much
  5. Yeah agreed it's kind of 'legitimate' in terms of it happening with a reason like that, but it still doesn't sit right with me even if understandable, and rarely is it re-done - though the version of Crux posted here seems a re-do of some sort. But there are more bands doing it without this as a reason as do, so I've no faith no more. Ever since Picturesque did a three track, all of which were on the six track, all of which on the twelve track, my faith is non-existent
  6. Love these dudes, but fucking hell, there's a special place in the seven levels reserved for people using most of an EP for a new release
  7. Sounds kind of similar to older Wander/Wvnder/Wvnvevr, digs
  8. Loved these dudes for so long, the tracks-per-years-active is low as fuck, so surprising they're managing it still. Sound change from melodic HC working out well too