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  1. Listened earlier, it's super interesting!
  2. Preferred Eschaton, but the ending of this redeems it, tasty final minute
  3. Knew I recognised that voice; Lakota De Kai
  4. You can do unspeakable things to and/or on me for using that pic
  5. That YT track is great, not heard of em before and look forward to trying the full thing; cheers!
  6. All three songs so far have been brilliant
  7. Wow, remember a 2015 album by these; give this a go cheers!
  8. Long but good to hear em doing stuff after a while!
  9. Cool! Didn’t have a clue this was coming
  10. Won't this be like, single 7? Anyone know what the deal is here, is everything coming out from the album prior to release?
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