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  1. nice, was hoping for this to be uploaded
  2. Quite a different sound from their last release but it's even better now
  3. good day for this kind of music
  4. wow, what an angelic voice. The guy sounds a bit like Crywolf so that's cool too. Nice minimalistic stuff
  5. didn't know you listen to everything you post
  6. oh wow, this is cool. maybe something you'd like, @mR12?
  7. stuck in 1999: the album
  8. waaait, is that NLJ rapping? EDIT: holy shit, it is. Used to watch his youtube channel a few years ago, he made some cool EDM/rap albums too
  9. yeah, these guys are really cool, seen them in ads a few times. Mind sharing your purchase?
  10. http://emojipedia.org/negative-squared-latin-capital-letter-b/ http://emojipedia.org/negative-squared-latin-capital-letter-p/ essential stuff
  11. Holy heck, where did this good shit come from?
  12. I'm just trying to say that I started really getting annoyed by the attitude of the modern hardcore scene and that made me not enjoy most modern hardcore music. This particular incident is just one of the biggest examples of what I hate about most modern hardcore. Many such bands at least make interesting music to counteract their doucheyness but I've realized that trapped Under Ice is not one of them
  13. I usually don't care about that shit but I'm just not a fan of most hardcore anymore and the attitude, for which that event is symbolic, is one of the main reasons
  14. anyways, ever since I've lost all personal respect for these guys I also stopped liking their music for some reason