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    Loved their first record, but the second one felt very uninspired to me. It lacked a lot of experimentation that the first had, and lost a lot of its uniqueness as a result, imo. The only song I liked was the bonus track (I believe it was), Bringing it Down 2.0, which they seemed to introduce again with this single. They heaviness is mixed in really well with the overarching melodies. There's some massive Siamese vibes in the chorus, though. :lol:



    Have you ever heard him sing live? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them, dude has an awesome voice. Honestly, though, if you're going to give a vocalist shit for vocal manipulation, at least try to sound educated on the subject.. Auto-tune = T-Pain and Pitch Correction (which is used here) = something literally every vocalist uses. 

    He definitely uses some kind of vocoder, it's not just pitch correction. He also does live, but it's fine. It sounds good

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