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  1. Korn's new album has a pretty hideous cover. Metallica's too. Both albums are pretty good though
  2. If you like Architects, give this a listen!
  3. Oh wow, another amazing single. This next album is shaping up to be awesome
  4. This is pretty good, I especially like "Snowfall"
  5. Never heard of these guys but that song is great
  6. I did, it didn't change my assessment. The only thing that might top this is that upcoming Hollow Earth album
  7. LKA

    Virta - Hurmos (2016)

    At least there is now a good album with album art like that
  8. LKA

    Virta - Hurmos (2016)

    that Youtube track sounds fabulous, gonna check the rest of this out now
  9. After listening to this in full one and a half times I can't stress enough how fucking great this is
  10. @@Feeshmon You forgot to add the name of the single to the thread title
  11. This year has been great for minimalist, retro-sounding electronic albums, this one is no exception
  12. I had totally forgotten about these guys, good album
  13. This one's actually pretty good. I gotta check out their other albums now
  14. I think nothing in december will top this
  15. This is not outstanding or anything particularly new but I like the singer and overall the album is solid/10
  16. I find this guy's youtube videos mostly unfunny but he is very talented, solid EP
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