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  1. Apparently there were no good Albums before the year 2000
  2. I didn't like any of Periphery's material until now but this is really good. Still don't quite like Spencer's cleans though.
  3. I'd consider it a cross between post-hardcore and progressive rock
  4. Can somebody tell me which bands the individual songs parody? I don't listen to enough "scene"/metalcore bands to get all the references
  5. Fuck, I have an earworm of this now
  6. Reminds me of Papa Roach, I don't know how to feel about that...
  7. Yay, finally! Can't wait to listen
  8. The Bandcamp link does not actually link to their Bandcamp page
  9. Sponsored by Heinz Tomato KetchupTM
  10. I dunno, many albums sound good while still being under-produced (i.e. Cancer Bats' "Searching for Zero" or Wolfmother's "New Crown") but that one was borderline unlistenable in my opinion. It was lacking a lot of "punch".
  11. This is the same site that voted Disgusting as their AOTY 2014, don't forget that
  12. 1: Saosin - Along The Shadow 2: Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 3: Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere 4: Napoleon - Newborn Mind 5: Future Figment - Qualm
  13. Even though this thread is a bit old, here are my new album wishes (excluding albums that have been confirmed for 2016): Starting with the ones that have said they are working on new stuff but not released any details ALLB Alkaline Trio Animals As Leaders At The Drive-In Circle of Dust (now that Klayton revived the name) Glassjaw (come on, how long are they going to continue keeping us waiting?) Green Day (at least they said they're working on something) He Is Legend Kurt Travis Linkin Park Mastodon Meshuggah Plan B Secret Band Skyharbor (they announced that album a year ago but almost no news on the release date since then) Starset Stolas The Offspring Thirty Seconds To Mars Yellowcard Additionally, active artists who I would love to see new releases from and who have not released anything recently would be: Alexisonfire (even though I doubt it) Art By Numbers AxeWound Cave In (please?) Code Orange Converge Cynic Daft Punk Death From Above 1979 Destrage Devil Sold His Soul Evanescence Every Time I Die From The Cradle To The Rave Jack White Karl Bartos Karnivool Kraftwerk (not gonna happen, but I'm feeling nostalgic today) Last Chance To Reason Mallory Knox Möngöl Hörde Neurosis One Day as a Lion (probably also only a dream but technically they never broke up) Only Crime Opeth OSI Poison The Well Propagandhi Rise Against Royal Blood Sianvar Sleepwave Street Drum Corps System Of A Down (come on, guys) The Dillinger Escape Plan The Pretty Reckless Tidal Arms Tides Of Man TOOL I know it's a long list but I just felt like posting this here.
  14. This is great, love the female vocalist. (By the way, the file names and tags all have "Lionheart" misspelled as "Loinheart")
  15. Sumac's first album was great, looking forward to this one
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