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  1. But seriously, this is not as good as its predecessor
  2. I uploaded the rest of the discography for you, @@Cknight6669 Enjoy!
  3. If you don't mind it would be nice if you could share a rip here when the copy arrives
  4. I just remembered that I've been searching for I am waiting for you last summer's discography for ages now, add that to the list if you have the time (
  5. Thanks a lot, Between The Heart And The Synapse is a transcode though
  6. The Receiving End of Sirens discography, I've had bad luck with those albums, only found transcodes. Also: Highly Suspect - Mister Asylum (2015), had the same problem as before with that. ( Last but not least: Woven in Hiatus - Roam (2015) (, I couldn't find this anywhere.
  7. Like on the previous albums there's around three tracks I really like and the rest is just meh
  8. Nice, didn't know they were releasing an EP
  9. I really don't get the hype for this band to be honest, they are solid I guess but they don't really stand out to me
  10. He should have stayed in DRUGS, that was awesome
  11. Damn, tough choice but I think the band would either be Cancer Bats or Billy Talent and the album Dead Silence by BT
  12. 2edgy4me EDIT: It's actually pretty good though
  13. Was unsure about including the former because of the language but they are too good to not include them, same with Turbostaat
  14. It is finally here, the mixtape nobody everyone has been anticipating for at least 8 months. . . . So I compiled this little mix of my favourite albums of 2016 so far for a friend and it ended up being huge and so I decided to take my favourite track from each album and throw in some singles from upcoming albums as well and put them all on a mixtape-style thing. It has a lot of songs on it but I thought I'd share it here because why not? So here's the link, if anyone is interested: Tracklist (courtesy of @Dwesk) below:
  15. I almost put Sworn In's new single in there, now I'm glad I didn't
  16. [that tracklist image] Totally forgot that this would have made sense, thanks @@Dwesk
  17. Weird but thanks for checking anyways
  18. This killed my laptop, it wouldn't let me open or delete the MACOSX and D.R.I.K.L. folders until I tried it from a Linux live disc
  19. Any chance for a 320/V0 version? ( @@mR12 )
  20. Never been the biggest fan but their earlier albums at least had something going for them and there were a few songs I really liked, newest albums are just bad
  21. Yes, I was referring more to the last few albums (which were terrible imo)
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