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  1. not bad, not bad at all
  2. good day for this kind of music
  3. wow, what an angelic voice. The guy sounds a bit like Crywolf so that's cool too. Nice minimalistic stuff
  4. didn't know you listen to everything you post
  5. oh wow, this is cool. maybe something you'd like, @mR12?
  6. stuck in 1999: the album
  7. waaait, is that NLJ rapping? EDIT: holy shit, it is. Used to watch his youtube channel a few years ago, he made some cool EDM/rap albums too
  8. yeah, these guys are really cool, seen them in ads a few times. Mind sharing your purchase?
  9. http://emojipedia.org/negative-squared-latin-capital-letter-b/ http://emojipedia.org/negative-squared-latin-capital-letter-p/ essential stuff
  10. Holy heck, where did this good shit come from?