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  1. Sounds interesting, gonna be checking this out
  2. Surprisingly nice, i like that he's not trying to push his voice to as grating highs as on songs like New Face anymore
  3. Not as good as pretty much all of the tracks on their last 2 albums but at least it's better than 2/3 of the WFMTC bonus tracks
  4. Best song of the day, this absolutely fucks. Will be hard living up to Polar Similar but i am very pleased by this
  5. Not as good as most tracks on the last 2 albums but still good and better than at least like 95% of deathcore
  6. Could have sworn this was posted before, guess not
  7. Sorceress (the song) fucking bangs m8
  8. Critically acclaimed and influential metalcore band Norma Jean is set to release their 8th studio album under the band's current nameand the follow up to 2016's Polar Similar titled "ALL HAIL" on October 25th, 2019. Check out the tracklist and album art below, and preorder [HERE] or [HERE] Track List: 1. Orphan Twin 2. [Mind Over Mind] 3. Safety Last 4. Volunteer Tooth Filing 5. Landslide Defeater 6. Full Circle In Under A Minute 7. /with_errors 8. Trace Levels Of Dystopia 9. Translational 10. Extra Dimensional Palette Cleanser 11. If [Loss] Then [Leader] 12. Careen 13. Anna 14. The Mirror And The Second Veil
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