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  1. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    Sorry? EDIT: it isn't terrible, just not very good either
  2. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    Just wanted to say that your album is amazing
  3. Hundredth - Blur+ (Demo) (Single) (2018)

    Recorded in 2016
  4. Hundredth - Blur+ (Demo) (Single) (2018)

    Then you got your answer right there
  5. Chamber - Hatred Softly Spoken (2018)

    Sick little EP
  6. Pestilent Reign - Pyres (2018)

    yep, tight. Best Tech Death this year so far
  7. Hundredth - Blur+ (Demo) (Single) (2018)

    did they release anything after that?
  8. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    Beautiful album
  9. His last album was a masterpiece and one of the best Hip-Hop releases in a long time but this is kinda average
  10. Hundredth - Blur+ (Demo) (Single) (2018)

    don't get too excited, it's just an unreleased demo from the latest album