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  1. righteous! just in time for summer depression season!
  2. Yeah, it may be catchy but there are a lot of 'catchy' tunes out there that can easily be forgotten when the next 'catchy' tune comes out. Sadly, the last album was a jumble of 'damn that's good' and 'they thought this was good enough?' and this album, based off of the 3 singles, is easily coming across as the latter. ah well, i'll give the whole album a spin but i'm not really looking forward to it like their past albums.
  3. i always kinda feel bad for a band when the album leaks THIS EARLY but call me stoked to give it a listen!
  4. Incredibly catchy, huge sounding album and those lyrics...damn what a gut punch!
  5. didn't like blame it on my youth but it grew on me, generational divide was classic blink / 90s skate punk era sound, happy days was so meh it bothered me but this, i dunno, it's not horrible. i get that they said it was going to be like the s/t which was 'experimental' but this doesn't sound so much experimental as it does kinda lackluster...still hoping the full album can tie ALL THE SONGS together nicely.
  6. thanks to whoever posted this...hoping it does better than the last album which was pretty disappointing
  7. same question, surprised it hasn't been ripped in 320 yet
  8. where did THIS come from???? there's no mention of a new album yet but i'm super stoked now!
  9. Glass jaw, blink 182, the hotelier, modern baseball, brand new, deftones, killswitch engage, into it over it
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