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  1. Holy shit haha that opener is absolutely SAVAGE!! definitely a great download. Intrigued, and want to hear more from NF
  2. I just got done with Free Radicals, and I have to say wow!! If this ep keeps going like this, it's going to top oak island easily!
  3. So fucking good!! Chris is savage lyrically. Lol hearing him say "I want to fuck your face with a switchblade", I was like, fuuuuuuuuuck
  4. Holy crap!!! That opening track was badass!
  5. Hot damn, this is heavy lol I'm really enjoying it so far! I agree with you. I'm hearing some Architects in there!
  6. 1.The Amity Affliction-This Could Be Heartbreak 2.A Day to Remember-Bad Vibrations 3.I See Stars-Treehouse 4.Asking Alexandria-The Black