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  1. I really wish they went back to the Eclipse era production. The bass is nowhere to be found in this unfortunately. That's probably my only gripe with Lukas era VOM. Good song though. Sounds like a Matriach B-side. The melodies here are some of the best he's ever written.
  2. Really wish this wasn't true lol. Though both bands are great, so if it ain't..broke...
  3. I love you for this reference 😘😘😘
  4. Sounds like he just lowered the normal range he sings in while changing his tone. Also the quality is pretty low. Just a tonal switch up.
  5. This sounds like it should've been a Secret Band song. Not complaining at all.
  6. Production drop is to be expected with Diego gone. He produced all their music minus coming clean.
  7. Umm my comment wasn't about the pacing, my comment was about Desk saying the literal tempo of the song was off. Which is objectively false. So i asked if they knew what tempo was an can they follow it/count it. Nothing more. Wasn't really a comment on the song it's but since you've engaged me about it... Adtr has made songs like this their whole career. Kinda too late in the game to find issue with it at at this point. Chorus was my favorite part. Everything else is by the numbers adtr imo. An that's a random thing to find on my page lol. But thanks? I'll make sure to correct it for you.
  8. Tempo is off? Do you know what tempo is? Can you properly follow it? I don't think you do lol.
  9. Most pop punk gets radio play, since i remember hearing adtr on the radio since their second album i feel you're a couple albums behind to just have this revelation lol.
  10. Are you purposefully being dense to the context of the lyrics? As in form your own opinion before agreeing. Not just having the same opinion because someone else has one. Should i question if i think nazis should be knocked out? Clearly you dont agree with punching nazis so how are those those the most conformist ideas? All you see in their comments is nazi apologists for that song lol.
  11. Probably because the dynamics don't fit the sound. Or rather tyler doesn't fit the heavier moments the album tries to push rather than just scraping them entirely an going all in on the pop/rnb vibes which tyler sells better. While michel wasn't the best vocalist he made the music fit more. The funny thing is they could've properly rectified that by putting the guitarist on screams properly. Since he was the superior vocalist. That was made apparent on Headspace. But they keep the same heavier side without him actually screaming(except on 1 track? Lol) an it just doesn't fit when it's just tyler trying to squeeze his voice in every musical point of change. They should just scrap the heavy elements all together on the next album an go straight pop/rnb rock. It fits waay more than trying to fit all the old sound with bland deliver. An it's clearly the real direction they want to go. They wouldn't have kicked out the screamer if they wanted to keep the heavier aspects the band had.
  12. Literally my first thought. Sounds super thin at parts. Eclipse will always have their best production. ID a close second.
  13. Oh, i guess you weren't their when their fans had to stop them from sending the shirt proceeds to fucking children's hospital's under their band name ?. I'm all for "look how edgy we are, baby porn rape lyrics yay" an stuff be but come on. How tone deaf can you be lol. They're 3 albums deep of all their lyrics majority of the time being baby, fetus, child rape, sex, murder an mutilation lol. It's like a dead meme at this point. Creativity isn't that hard to come by lol.
  14. What's funny is they actually made a shirt about the singer of lost prophet's being a pedo pos. Yet i assume it never occured to them he probably loves their music for the lyrics.
  15. Self aware? 90% of their lyrics are just about rape, murder an mutilation of kids, babies an unborn fetuses dead or alive lol.
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