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  1. Man this is bad. Not creative at all. Probably because the og guitarist are gone. Just low tuned open chug the whole song lol.
  2. Yea messengers was poorly mixed. No bass an the high output on the china drowned most of the bands lol. It was still fire back in 08 but the remix was definitely superior in all forms. Constellations has a little treble issue imo but I'll wait for the 320 to see the improvements/change. I wish they would rerecord thrill seeker, but idk if they even own the rights to that album to record it. I know that's why veil of maya couldn't rerecord their first album, old label wouldn't sell it to them.
  3. Naw. They should just rerecord it. It would sound huge.
  4. Just sound like slightly worse babymetal. Don't see the appeal. Jason should go back to letlive already. Fever 333 is pretty meh. Which is crazy because every member is from amazing bands.
  5. So sick of these bands with no originality in their names. I thought this was Native Contruct...was hype for nothing lol.
  6. You gotta be trolling if you think this one rehashed nu-metal song is better than their last 3 albums as a whole... An you're cleary in denial if you don't see the blatant nu-metal rehash this literally sounds like korn an ill nino lol.
  7. Too many bands also scrap their signature style for old ass nu-metal writing done a million times before lol. This is well beyond stale by your logic.
  8. Misread as plini at first lol. But i love mathcore so I'll check this out.
  9. Wasn't he caught in a perpetual cycle of death an resurrection tho?
  10. An that genre was created through the help of different vocalist, jonny, kurt an tilian all helped bring that sound out an it's not a dig at tilian(though he was peaked with tides of man imo) i just know if they got a new vocalist they would change the sound again..they never failed to deliver once with a new vocalist either.
  11. Time for a new vocalist. That always spices up their sound every time imo.
  12. How was sunshine dust a nu metal bore? It had ONE nu metal song on it lol. Sunshine Dust alone is a top skyharbor track. An sonder had mad One feels. Smile an beneath my skin sounded like they came right off concealing fate. Did we listen to the same albums? Lol. But yea, Fallujah definitely lost their appeal. Not as tech, vocals don't fit an even the drumming took a backseat an the production ruins the guitars. Like listening to th3 new hundredth album. Waay to samey.
  13. Yea. The vocals are a no for me. Dudes voice is too monotonous to be interesting an his articulation is really bad lol. Music is good tho. I feel like Andres does this better.
  14. I prefer Red Handed Denial by miles...but this has some cool moments too.
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