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  1. Belleville should've been the closer track. Otherwise heavy album. Definitely more interesting musically than laugh tracks.(shit got redundant quick) an the vocals are less high end screech . improvement all around. In the walls is deadly.
  2. But they have a 5 string bassist so my guess is a 6 string cello. But is he standing? Because you stand with a upright bass, but upright bass is normally 4 strings aswell. But it sounds like a cello. I'm confused lol
  3. Really wished they released a instrumental version too. The music is brilliant but the vocals don't work minus 2 to 3 songs for me
  4. Damn, I'll wait for the 320. Disservice to listen to anything the contortionist in low quality.
  5. Yea, this album is a big disappointment. Easily their worst record. The numetal/wave sound they tried to add just was bland most of the time an marcus doesn't have the right voice for the style at all. Talking heads, vultures, freefall, jinn an paradigm(minus the chorus) are the only salvageable songs i can listen to off this. Hopefully the next album delivers. Really wished they expanded upon the mesmor sound.
  6. Good lord. The new album is shaping up to be a bland ass numetal wankfest. All these songs have been bad minus vultures. It's not even decent numetal. Complete disappointment.
  7. Well their seconds album was their best. Soon as they lost their og guitarist they turned into every other band. Hopefully they can find dome sort of experimentation on this album. Vox are fine. Just not exciting to warrant a second listen unfortunately. I'm sure this guy is great live though. Which is a needed improvement.
  8. Bro what if tilian left an jonny came back again? 😂
  9. Man this is bad. Not creative at all. Probably because the og guitarist are gone. Just low tuned open chug the whole song lol.
  10. Yea messengers was poorly mixed. No bass an the high output on the china drowned most of the bands lol. It was still fire back in 08 but the remix was definitely superior in all forms. Constellations has a little treble issue imo but I'll wait for the 320 to see the improvements/change. I wish they would rerecord thrill seeker, but idk if they even own the rights to that album to record it. I know that's why veil of maya couldn't rerecord their first album, old label wouldn't sell it to them.
  11. Naw. They should just rerecord it. It would sound huge.
  12. Just sound like slightly worse babymetal. Don't see the appeal. Jason should go back to letlive already. Fever 333 is pretty meh. Which is crazy because every member is from amazing bands.
  13. So sick of these bands with no originality in their names. I thought this was Native Contruct...was hype for nothing lol.
  14. You gotta be trolling if you think this one rehashed nu-metal song is better than their last 3 albums as a whole... An you're cleary in denial if you don't see the blatant nu-metal rehash this literally sounds like korn an ill nino lol.
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