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  1. I shoplifted Portrait Of An American Family when I was 13. That's still my favorite.
  2. Fucking LOVE 10 Years! Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Didn't know if it needed to be updated at all, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask since it leaked so early.
  4. Major earthquake in Mexico City, 7.1 magnitude.
  5. Is it true that the whole album has leaked?
  6. Will this post be getting a quality update or is this the best quality rip?
  7. Has a proper, non transcoded 320 leak been found yet?
  8. I would, but I'm a creepy old man.
  9. LOL, I can't download this at work because of the title. It's Websensed. Anybody know how to get around Websense? Or I can just download it on my phone if not.
  10. *clears throat* Thank you, this makes me feel like a teenager again.
  11. Ah, okay. I found it through Google, so it's all good.
  12. Just heard these guys. Oddly, when you search "DED" on here, you get no results.
  13. What else can I say but... HELL YEAH! Thank you!
  14. I fucking LOVE 10 Years! Thank you!