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  1. I don't care for the music, but if I got to choose how I died, I would go with having JoJo sit on my face and smother me to death.
  2. This isn't going to help him with his $30,000 a month child support payments.
  3. Ah, I was not aware of that. Even if it isn't their strategy, it's smart. Has everybody checked out the music video though?
  4. I actually don't mind them releasing a single every few months. It honestly makes more sense these days than releasing an album. You release one song, everybody can focus on it and enjoy it, then a new one comes two or three months later, rinse, wash, repeat. You can probably say that Spiritbox understands the current state of music releases and streaming better than anyone.
  5. There was another band called The Deadlights back in 1998-2000. Released one album.
  6. I believe that's 13/13 great songs so far. They never disappoint.
  7. *Crowd chanting* Thank you, Rorschach! Thank you, Rorschach! Thank you, Rorschach!
  8. He already had his hip replaced two years ago. I have my doubts.
  9. They will all be dead by then. 3 of them are in their 50's, Danny is pushing 60.
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