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  1. Two EP's that are NYP on Bandcamp.
  2. Very good. All their other stuff is free on Bandcamp.
  3. Thanks, guys! I'll check Best Buy and Target. Don't have an FYE anymore and the only local record store I know of is across town from me. I'll definitely order a vinyl copy from Amazon in the near future too. And remember, APC albums can take time to enjoy. You may not like it at first, but they're slow burns that can be appreciated for years to come. It's something you can come back to time and time again and find that you like it more and more.
  4. Thank you! Still buying the CD though. Where do you buy CD's nowadays? Like stores you can go to and get it?
  5. Not young, Christian or "thirsty." I just like her voice and it's long overdue for her to be a featured singer on a record.
  6. Man, I just don't get Hip Hop anymore.
  7. I thought we were done with store exclusive bonus tracks. Last thing I expected from this band. Whoever finds these tracks is a hero.
  8. Super group featuring Danny Carey, Brent Hinds and Troy Van Leeuwen.
  9. One half is Billy, one half is Maynard. If Tool releases a new album, I might be buying TWO whole CD's this year.
  10. The new album comes out on 4/20 LOL...
  11. Kinshasa - Demo 2018

    If they're not careful, they might get a cease and desist from Vince and Hunter.