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  1. My top 10 in no particular order: 10- Scarlxrd- Lordszn 9-A night in texas- Global Slaughter 8-Veil of maya- False Idol 7-The faceless- In Becoming A Ghost 6-Neck deep- The Peace And The Panic 5-Noija- Colorblind 4-Oceans ate alaska- Hikari 3-Picturesque- Back To Beautiful 2-Shadow of intent- Reclaimer 1-Thy art is murder- Dear Desolation
  2. The last two Mi ultima solucion- Falsos monumentos (2015) Itunes: Cefa- O Fantástico Azul ao Longe (2015) Itunes: Thank you so much again
  3. I don't know if you can find these two Ocala-Tal vez lo bueno...(2016) Itunes: Stated- Calabozos y dragones (2013) Itunes:
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