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  1. Yea the clean vocals are a little difficult to get used to, however it's a banger of an album. Not disappointed at all and found a new band I like
  2. This album overall is a solid release, a lot of skipable songs for me, I'm still thinking the new I Am Abomination is my AOTY
  3. Can't wait for this new album! This is how I wanted Closure in Moscow to sound, but their latest album was too abstract for me. Looking forward to the eventual release!
  4. So I'm halfway throught.. and kinda blown away.
  5. I mentioned it in their release thread, but the story makes the songs so much better...
  6. Just gonna say it, while this is a great album, the new I Am Abomination is my AOTY so far.
  7. Check out the Passion of the Heist EP first, it tells a great storyline about a man getting abducted and he ends up destroying the world.. this album continues that story.. makes the lyrics mean so much more. Also it's the drummer from Oceans Ate Alaska.. So my only gripe is that this album has no drum solos D:
  8. Enjoying this more than the DGD leak, been waiting a long time for this. First heard these guys from Rockband 2.
  9. Some people just need to be 'edgy' and go against the grain.
  10. I really hated this at first, but the more I listen to a song here and there, it grows on me a little.. then I don't like it again. i don't know what the fuck to think still.. Listened to the songs I can handle a good 5-6 times so far but there's a lot I skip. However I can appreciate the experimentation in this album, most of it is just not for me. The songs that work, work really well and are catchy. Vocals are great, bass is great, guitar is a bit too Nu-Chug for me but that's just my opinion. I'll probably keep jammin this for a bit.
  11. sounds like everything I like listening to about this band all wrapped up into one song. works for me i guess XD
  12. 'It Must Belong Somewhere" was my jam. All aboard the nostalgia boat... toot toot
  13. Enjoyed the single, also good to hear Kurt's voice not sounding so 'Kurtee' this time around. huh?
  14. Oh hell yea, I love playing this artist when I'm grinding stuff in Destiny 2...
  15. Sounds like Spencer didn't try all that hard with the vocals? idk.. instrumentals are good.. just not feeling it this time around.
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