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  1. they lost me at artificial selection / not that that wasn’t good or anything but i have been drifting apart from them, they used to be one of my favourite bands. However, this is pretty nice
  2. this originally came out November 1st, 2011, mister. This record is very flawless tho. I am disappointed that they moved away from this sound, but good golly do Keep You and Wait for Love hold up for me rn.
  3. Leaked Release - January 20th, 2017 Genre - Pop Punk Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist 1. Featherweight 2. Footprints 3. Gobshite 4. Lonely Smiles 5. Nail the Casket (Thanks for Nothing) 6. Eastbound & Down 7. King's Cup 8. The Last Ride 9. Hightail 10. Penultimate 11. Punchline Download Support! Facebook/ iTunes / Bandcamp
  4. Leaked Release - March 23rd, 2018 Genre - Post-Hardcore, Experimental Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR, FLAC Tracklist: 1. Made an America 2. We're Coming In 3. (The First Stone) Changes [Ft. Yelawolf] 4. Hunting Season 5. Soul'd Me Out 6. Walking In My Shoes 7. POV Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  5. an incredible record. gonna be spinning this for awhile
  6. at the end of 2015, personal and creative differences haha
  7. maladroit is best Weezer imo and ngl I do love all their records, except for the duds on raditude, which does redeem itself at times with a couple of songs haha
  8. album rankings from greatest to worst for me: maladroit blue album EWBAITE white pinkerton black pacific daydream green teal red hurley make believe raditude
  9. hahahahahaha that banner is old as fuck. But yeah I understand. I tried listened to their previous material and it wouldn’t click with me
  10. Leaked Release - June 15th, 2018 Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1. Place To Start 2. Over Again 3. Watching As I Fall 4. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 5. About You (feat. blackbear) 6. Brooding (Instrumental) 7. Promises I Can’t Keep 8. Crossing A Line 9. Hold It Together 10. Ghosts 11. Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay) 12. Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno and Machine Gun Kelly) 13. I.O.U. 14. Running From My Shadow (feat. grandson) 15. World’s On Fire 16. Can’t Hear You 17. Prove You Wrong (Bonus) 18. What the Words Meant (Bonus) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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