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  1. I’m in the minority. Didn’t think I would like it after the mixed reception from the singles. I’m actually enjoying this a lot. It’s no Unimagine or Ground Dweller (which are both flawless records in their own rights) but it’s a FUN as fuck album. Personally for me this is more memorable than Dissonants.
  2. I totally understand! But we gotta whole album worth of stuff coming, hopefully there’s something for everyone.
  3. Shut up u nerds, this is great. They’re doing what they want and I’m digging it. I’m a huge weezer fan anyway so that’s bias. This album is going to be bizarre and weird and I’m here for it. I’m sorry you guys won’t get a Blue Album or a Pinkerton 2 (I love them just as much but ya know).
  4. Odd release date but I’m here for it. Didn’t like the last record that much. Artwork looks sick
  5. Leaked Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1. Seasons (feat. Sam Hook) 2. Laugh at Em 3. Big Ol' Drip (feat. Watch the Duck) 4. Wraith (feat. Yo Gotti) 5. The Weekend (feat. Young Thug) 6. The Amazing Mr. Fuck Up (feat. Victoria Monet) 7. At Least I Know (feat. Anderson .Paak) 8. What Can I Say 9. Jefe (feat. Meek Mill) 10. More & More (feat. Jeezy) 11. Pray for Me (feat. YFN Lucci) 12. Looking Back 13. Light Day 14. You (feat. Teyana Taylor) 15. Be There (feat. London Jae) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  6. Leaked Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Indie Pop, Indie Rock Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1.Honeymoon (Overture) 2. S'Only Natural (Single Edit) 3. You've Got An Expensive Heart 4. Let It Burn 5. Close 6. Anytime, Anyform 7. Put It Out 8. Hang Loose 9. I'll Keep On Following You 10. Mysterious You 11. Stare Into the Black 12. Honeymoon (Forever) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  7. Leaked Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Alternative Rock, Singer/Songwriter Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Little Red Thread 2. Human Being 3. The River 4. The Mountain 5. The Healer (Redux) 6. Dark Side of Me 7. Poison in Your Cup 8. Backlash & Vinegar 9. In This Body 10. The Night That Bowie Died 11. Tiny Love Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  8. Leaked Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, New Wave Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Bring On the Dancing Horses (Transformed) 2. The Somnabulist 3. Nothing Lasts Forever (Transformed) 4. Lips Like Sugar (Transformed) 5. Rescue (Transformed) 6. Rust (Transformed) 7. Angels & Devils (Transformed) 8. Bedbugs & Ballyhoo (Transformed) 9. Zimbo (Transformed) 10. Stars Are Stars (Transformed) 11. Seven Seas (Transformed) 12. Ocean Rain (Transformed) 13. The Cutter (Transformed) 14. How Far? 15. The Killing Moon (Transformed) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  9. Release - October 3, 2018 Genre - Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 6. Royal Beggars Download Support! Facebook / iTunes