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  1. Mr. Big Shot
  2. what happened there
  3. Release - May 24th, 2017 Genre - Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 4. Do It Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. Release - May 24th, 2017 Genre - Pop Punk Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 5. Put the Knife Away Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  7. hey, how come the In Hearts Wake  file isnt available anymore?

    1. Crash Bandicoot

      Crash Bandicoot

      It'll be reupped in the morning, band wanted the link down

  8. VBR added!
  9. i feel like it could be Architects Sam Carter
  10. you read that right lolz
  11. Welsh pop punkers, Neck Deep are set to release their third album, "The Peace and the Panic" on August 18th through Hopeless Records. You can view the artwork and the tracklisting below! Pre-orders and two new music videos are set to launch at 9pm BST on neckdeepuk.com! Tracklisting: 1. Motion Sickness 2. Happy Judgement Day 3. In Bloom 4. 19 Seventy Somethin' 5. Parachute 6. Don't Wait (feat. Sam Carter) 7. Heavy Lies 8. Critical Mistake 9. The Grand Delusion 10. Wish You Were Here 11. Where Do We Go When We Go