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  1. Such an underrated band. Really nice guys too. Got to talk to Andrew at a show and he genuinely asked for feedback on what songs they didn't play that I thought they should have. Never had anyone ask me that before.
  2. Yay... the world can always use a little more Swancore
  3. Nothing really original about this song but a new single from Oh, Sleeper is always welcomed.
  4. I almost forgot how amazing these guys are. Another great album to add to their collection.
  5. Oh man... What an amazing surprise. I'm gonna have to bust out my old Crisis CD.
  6. I have not but I did just check it out. Pretty good.
  7. Dang, I thought this was new Terra Alive at first. Sunday School is such a fun song and when I first heard way back it always had me wanting more from them but nothing ever came after this EP.
  8. The way I look at it is I'd rather an artist say, "Fuck it, keep it short." Than the usual rap or pop artist who says, "Play the chorus/hook like 12 more times to make it 3 and a half minutes." I get your point and it probably should have been labeled as an EP but there's nothing conventional about a label pushing out an album of probably unfinished work of an artist who passed away.
  9. Anthony Green is so incredibly talented. The cover of Diamond Eyes is great!
  10. How did you get Spencer Chamberlain to do the vocals for this album? I swear it sounds just like him and I mean that as a huge compliment. Pretty solid album. Instrumentals are well played. My only constructive criticism would be to take more risk in finding a unique sound to set yourselves apart from the other metalcore bands. Seriously though, fantastic album all in all and definitely has some Underoath inspiration behind which I can always dig.
  11. Of Mice & Men gets most the vote... what a shocker Speak Low if You Speak Love, Dead! and Tiny Moving Parts
  12. 1 Brand New - Science Fiction 2 Eidola - To Speak, To Listen 3 Father Mountain - Apartment Living 4 Stolas - Stolas 5 Circa Survive - The Amulet 6 Nothing, Nowhere - Reaper 7 Kitsune - Uninvited 8 A Fire with Friends - Polaroids 9 Icarus the Owl - Rearm Circuits 10 Silverstein - Dead Reflection
  13. Thank goodness! After listening to On Leaving And Being Left Behind I knew I needed more Father Mountain in my life. These guys really know how to write a song. Beautiful instrumentals and well written lyrics that will haunt your soul.
  14. Wow this is terrific. I'm gonna have to look into these guys. It literally sounds like Deftones and Fall of Troy made a song together.
  15. But wait! Are those girls okay from that drop!?!?
  16. Oh yes! Another incredible album with such depth behind the lyrics.
  17. Oh boy I can't wait for this album. Degeneraterra was easily my all time favorite album. Their lyrics speak volumes of just how genius these guys are and they are the most chill nice guys I've ever met. Anyone who hasn't listened to Degeneraterra, I strongly recommend you listen to it.
  18. Stolas blew me away and Kitsune's Uninvited EP was great I guess I'm the minority who really doesn't find Nothlane that great. For me they just get lost with all the other metalcore bands flooding the market
  19. Wow this is great. If they're not on a label i could see them playing for Blue Swan. Definitely fits their progressive style.
  20. Can't wait for this album. I need more Sergio in my life!
  21. Sianvar for sure. That album is fucking amazing
  22. Oh fuck yeah. Sianvar really proved that they are a band and not just some collab product with this album. This album blew Hail the Sun's Cultural Scars out of the water in my opinion (Still love that album though)
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