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  1. Wow this is terrific. I'm gonna have to look into these guys. It literally sounds like Deftones and Fall of Troy made a song together.
  2. But wait! Are those girls okay from that drop!?!?
  3. Oh yes! Another incredible album with such depth behind the lyrics.
  4. Oh boy I can't wait for this album. Degeneraterra was easily my all time favorite album. Their lyrics speak volumes of just how genius these guys are and they are the most chill nice guys I've ever met. Anyone who hasn't listened to Degeneraterra, I strongly recommend you listen to it.
  5. Can always use more Eidola in my life.
  6. Stolas blew me away and Kitsune's Uninvited EP was great I guess I'm the minority who really doesn't find Nothlane that great. For me they just get lost with all the other metalcore bands flooding the market
  7. Wow this is great. If they're not on a label i could see them playing for Blue Swan. Definitely fits their progressive style.
  8. single

    Can't wait for this album. I need more Sergio in my life!
  9. this is terrific
  10. Sianvar for sure. That album is fucking amazing
  11. Oh fuck yeah. Sianvar really proved that they are a band and not just some collab product with this album. This album blew Hail the Sun's Cultural Scars out of the water in my opinion (Still love that album though)
  12. Can't get enough Hail the Sun! Woo!
  13. Deftones... Definitely Deftones